SRTIP Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.)

Discover SRTIP Visa: Affordable options at your fingertips

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Exploring Sharjah’s Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) Visa Cost & Types reveals a wide variety of options within the vibrant landscape of the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park. There’s much to dissect regarding the paperwork you’ll need, but don’t stress; this will be more exciting than reading a mutual funds portfolio from Credit Suisse.

But don’t stress; this will be more exciting than reading a mutual funds portfolio from Credit Suisse. FZBuddy will have answers to your questions.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

Read this article and get a solid grasp of SRTIP Visa – Costs and Types.

SRTIP Visa Cost & Types

SRTIP offers a range of visas, not limited to investor visas and freelancer visas, but also accommodating family visas. The type of visa you’ll require depends on your business activity or, let’s face it, how deep your pockets are. But rest assured, there’s something for everyone.

The application process is streamlined, offering a convenient route for individuals and businesses alike. With Abu Dhabi as a prominent partner, getting a SRTIP visa has become a popular option for those seeking to engage with cutting-edge research, technology, and innovation, paving the way for a dynamic and collaborative environment in the heart of Sharjah.

Freelancer Visas

The freelance Visa is a godsend if you’re a lone wolf in the tech field. It offers the freedom to pursue portfolio companies without the hassle of standard corporate service provider requirements.

Requirements for an SRTIP Freelancer Visa

Basic requirements include a well-crafted business plan, resume, and experience that screams, “I’m a serious player, folks!” You’ll also need to demonstrate a monthly stable salary to keep the boat afloat. Don’t expect any month with holiday allowance; it’s work, work, work in this land of opportunity.

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Cost and Fees of an SRTIP Freelancer Visa


Freelancers can get a visa for as low as AED 5,500, with service charges not included. Payments are more often accepted through credit cards, and VFS Global is a popular choice for a smooth customer service experience during the reception of visa applicants.

Processing Time for an SRTIP Freelancer Visa

Hurry up and wait—that’s the name of the game. Usually, it takes a couple of weeks, give or take. And if you’re lucky, your visa will be processed faster than you can say, Goldman Sachs.

Investor Visas

The investor visa is right for business enthusiasts and investment management aficionados. It’s the key to the treasure chest, designed for those deeply involved in hedge funds or direct investments.

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Requirements for an SRTIP Investor Visa

Requirements include:

  • An almost flawless business plan.
  • Verifiable evidence of funds (hello, Credit Suisse, or Goldman Sachs).
  • Your investment objectives are outlined more clearly than the Dubai skyline.

Cost and Fees of an SRTIP Investor Visa

Now, get ready to write a more substantial check, usually somewhere around AED 20,000. That includes the corporate service provider fees and whatever else they decide to tack on.

Processing Time for an SRTIP Investor Visa

It’s faster for the investors, usually a week or so. The consulate general of your home country will likely send your approval through VFS Global or similar consular services.

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Family Visas

So, what about the fam? If you’re an investor or business owner, you can apply for a family visa for your actual parents, biological parent, or child on the parent. Single parents, you’re in luck, too—parent level doesn’t matter here. Cost varies, but expect it to be more affordable than your average month without a holiday allowance.

Cost and Fees of an SRTIP Family Visa

card credit pay payment icon

The cost and fees associated with an SRTIP Family Visa are tailored to accommodate diverse needs. Covering expenses for residency permits, health insurance, and application processing, the fees ensure a seamless integration of families into the innovative SRTIP community.

Processing Time for an SRTIP Family Visa

Getting a SRTIP family visa is simple and may be granted within a few working days. Depending on the nature of work, resident sponsors may apply online for their family members’ residency visas.

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Navigating the landscape of SRTIP opens doors to a wide range of advantages. Acquiring a visa within this innovative hub not only aligns with the robust offerings of Dubai Internet City but also extends benefits such as health insurance and access to institutional funds.

Getting an SRTIP visa is like joining an exclusive club, complete with various investment options, from family offices to multi-family office structures. So why wait? Your journey in SRTIP is just a visa away. Company setup consultants are ready to aid you through the company formation process. Because let’s face it, whether you’re a freelancer or an investor, time is money.

Well, that’s it. No fluff, just the good stuff. Grab that visa, and let’s make some UAE dreams come true! 


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