IHC Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.)

Explore diverse visas for boundless opportunities at IHC.

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Finding your way through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) visa process can be a difficult endeavor. This is particularly a challenge when you’re looking to secure your financial condition while maximizing direct investments.

The International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai offers many visa options suited to the different needs of workers, including their families. Let’s break down what an IHC Visa is and the types available.

FZBuddy is here again to help you figure things out. Learn from this IHC Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.).

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

What is an IHC Visa?

An IHC Visa, specific to the International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai, is a unique residency permit designed for individuals engaged in humanitarian and charitable activities. The IHC, as a hub for humanitarian service providers, including family investors company, NGOs, and other social enterprises, offers this visa to facilitate the work of professionals in various fields such as program management, graphic designers, and human resources.

The IHC Visa stands as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to supporting global humanitarian efforts, providing development opportunities and a conducive environment for meaningful work. It embodies a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, aligning with the ethos of organizations like the Family Office Club and investment management firms like Goldman Sachs, which prioritize effective resource management and social responsibility. This visa is an opportunity for those looking to contribute to international humanitarian efforts in a dynamic and supportive setting.

Types of IHC Visas

The International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai offers specialized visas for various professionals, each with specific requirements and estimated costs. Let’s explore these visa types:

Freelancer Visa

The Freelancer Visa at IHC is crafted for independent professionals seeking flexible work opportunities in Dubai. This visa is particularly appealing to those in creative and technical fields, such as graphic designers and service providers, offering them the autonomy to work on multiple projects within the IHC.

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Eligibility: Freelancers in the IHC need a valid passport, residency visa (if required), bank statement, proof of professional experience, health insurance, and financial stability. Graphic designers, service providers, and other independent professionals can apply.

Cost: Estimated at AED 7,500, the Freelancer Visa is a cost-effective option for those looking to work with multiple employers within the IHC.

Advantages: This visa offers flexibility and the opportunity to engage in diverse freelance activities, ideal for those involved in fields like program management and human resources.

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Investor & Family Visas

Catering to investors and business owners, the Investor & Family Visas in IHC offer an avenue for significant direct investments and management of family offices within Dubai. These visas are designed for individuals or families invested in sectors like finance and public service.

Eligibility: A minimum investment of AED 10 million in IHC-based ventures, a comprehensive business plan, and proof of financial stability are required. Suitable for family offices and investors.

Cost: The Investor Visa is approximately AED 10,000. Additional costs apply for family visas.

Advantages: Benefits include sponsoring family, 100% foreign ownership, and no corporate tax. Ideal for family investors managing diverse portfolios, including those in sectors like mental health conditions and public service.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

Employer-Sponsored Visas are tailored for professionals employed within the IHC. They are frequently used by senior staff in financial institutions or family offices, offering a direct link to their employment status in the UAE.

Eligibility: Tied to an employment contract within IHC, often utilized by senior professionals in financial institutions or family offices.

Cost: Estimated cost varies based on the role and level within the organization.

Advantages: Direct link to employment, providing stability and clear legal status in the UAE. Particularly beneficial for those in management roles.

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Dependent Spouse and Children Visas

The UAE places a strong emphasis on family unity, and the Dependent Spouse and Children Visas in the IHC reflect this value. They are designed to ensure the well-being of family members of IHC visa holders.

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Eligibility: Requires proof of family relationships. Ensures the well-being of dependents by providing stable living conditions.

Cost: Varies based on the number of dependents and the residency status of the sponsor.

Advantages: Keeps families together, supporting the mental and emotional health of children and spouses.

Student Visas

For families considering educational opportunities in Dubai, the IHC offers Student Visas. These visas are geared towards children of IHC visa holders who are pursuing their education in the UAE.

Eligibility: Financial proof to support education costs. Aimed at families seeking educational opportunities for their children.

Cost: Dependent on the educational institution and duration of study.

Advantages: Enables families to pursue educational goals for their children within the dynamic environment of Dubai.

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Immigration Guidelines for IHC Visa Holders

Navigating the immigration guidelines as an IHC Visa holder is an essential part of maintaining your legal status in the UAE. These guidelines are designed to ensure compliance with the Immigration Division’s standards and include several key steps:

  1. Regular Visa Renewals: Stay vigilant about the renewal dates of your visa to avoid any legal complications.
  2. Visits to Immigration Holding Centers: Occasionally, you may need to visit immigration holding centers for verification and other procedural requirements.
  3. Stay Informed with IHC Releases: Keep an eye on forward-looking statements and updates released by the IHC, especially regarding changes in immigration policies or visa regulations.
  4. Adherence to Legal Requirements: Ensure you follow all legal requirements, including those specific to your visa type, whether it’s a freelancer, investor, or family visa.

Remember, compliance with these guidelines is crucial for maintaining your residency status in the UAE, a hub of economic stability and innovation like Dubai South and the Dubai South Free Zone.

Living and Working in the International Humanitarian City (IHC)

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The IHC in Dubai presents a unique blend of professional and personal growth opportunities, especially for those involved in humanitarian efforts, management science, and public service. As an opportunity employer, the IHC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. This commitment extends to providing meaningful opportunities for individuals with physical or psychosocial disabilities, thereby addressing issues like systemic racism and promoting long-term health values.

For professionals in investment management, such as those from multi-family offices or institutions like Credit Suisse, the IHC offers a platform for effective resource management and development opportunities. Family investors and family offices find a supportive community, echoing the ethos of networks like the Family Office Club.

The IHC’s focus on employee wellness is evident in its support for telework options, allowing a healthy work-life balance. This approach is vital for maintaining a healthy life, especially for those relocating from areas like Washington State or Abu Dhabi, where similar values are held in high regard.

The IHC’s environment is conducive to both personal commitment to life and professional growth, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a dynamic and meaningful career path.

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The International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai stands out as a hub of humanitarian and professional activities, offering a range of visa options for freelancers, investors, families, and students. Each visa category is tailored to meet specific needs, balancing professional requirements with personal aspirations.

The IHC’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, supporting those with physical disabilities and promoting management science, exemplifies its role as a progressive and dynamic community. Whether it’s offering telework options for ecology employees or providing development opportunities in various service types, the IHC creates an environment conducive to both personal growth and professional excellence.

This comprehensive guide to IHC visas, including eligibility, costs, and advantages, is a valuable resource for anyone considering a life or career in this vibrant city.


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