Fujairah Creative City Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.)

Unlock Fujairah Creative City visa options with this guide

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Are you an aspiring business owner? FZBuddy organized this guide for you. Fujairah Creative City, situated far from the bustling skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offers many opportunities for freelancers, investors, and families.

This burgeoning Creative City is a dynamic environment, well-known for its business-friendly environment and free zone authority. From business activities in Hedge Funds and Investment Management to creative endeavors in media and arts, the portfolio of options is expansive.

Learn about Fujairah Creative City Visa Cost & Types for Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc. So hop on and be ready.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

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Types of Visa Options Available

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides several types of visas tailored to different needs. These include the Freelancer Visa, the Investor Visa, and the Family Visa. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, part of a multi-family office, or looking for a comfortable base for your family, Fujairah Creative City has you covered.

Fujairah Creative City Freelancer Visa

As we navigate through the intricacies of freelancer costs and requirements, we delve into the essential details surrounding the Freelancer Visa. This specialized visa category is designed to empower independent professionals, offering flexibility and opportunities within the vibrant Fujairah Creative City Freelance landscape. In this section. Whether you’re a creative mind seeking autonomy or an entrepreneurial spirit venturing into the dynamic landscape, grasp the key insights to pave the way for a seamless and successful Freelancer Visa application in Fujairah Creative City.

Fujairah Creative City offers a diverse range of freelance visas tailored to meet individual needs. The primary categories include:

  1. Basic Freelancer Visa: Ideal for independent professionals seeking autonomy with freelance activity. It covers various creative fields and offers a cost-effective solution for those entering the freelancing landscape.
  2. Green Visa: A unique option designed for eco-friendly businesses and individuals contributing to sustainability. This visa aligns with Fujairah Creative City’s commitment to fostering green initiatives.
  3. Portfolio-based Visa: Tailored for freelancers in creative industries like design, photography, and writing. This visa considers the applicant’s portfolio as a key criterion for approval.
  4. Entrepreneurial Visa: Geared towards freelancers with business aspirations, allowing them to operate under a trade license. This type opens up a broader spectrum of business activities.

Understanding these visa options empowers freelancers to choose the one aligning best with their professional goals within Fujairah Creative City.


Costs for a Freelancer Permit/Visa

Generally, securing a Freelance Permit in Fujairah Creative City is generally less expensive than other popular locations. Freelance visa costs more in Dubai Media City or Dubai Internet City.

The Freelance Visa price varies. Typically, it includes the one-time license fees. You can get it in 6-7 working days. Moreover, online applications often offer promotional discounts.

Requirements for Obtaining a Freelance Permit/Visa

Securing a Freelance Visa in Fujairah Creative City involves a straightforward process with specific requirements. Applicants must:

  1. Submit Application Forms: Complete the necessary application forms accurately, reflecting personal and professional details.
  2. Freelance Permit Documentation: Provide essential documentation and freelance license, including a portfolio showcasing skills and expertise relevant to the chosen freelance field.
  3. License Costs: Pay the corresponding license costs associated with the chosen Freelance Visa category, ensuring compliance with Fujairah Creative City regulations.
  4. Business Activities: Clearly outline the intended business activities covered under the Freelance Employment Visa, showcasing the diverse range of services the applicant plans to offer.
  5. Overhead Costs Consideration: While generally more affordable, freelancers should be aware of any associated overhead costs to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitment.

By fulfilling these requirements, applicants can navigate the process efficiently, paving the way for a successful Freelance Visa application in Fujairah Creative City. Whether you’re a creative professional or an entrepreneur, understanding and meeting these requirements ensures a seamless entry into this vibrant and dynamic business hub.

Benefits of Having a Freelance Permit/Visa in Fujairah Creative City

Unlocking a world of opportunities, having a Freelance Permit/Visa in Fujairah Creative City offers numerous advantages. This specialized permit provides flexibility, autonomy, and access to a vibrant business landscape. Delve into the benefits, including company formation possibilities, extended validity periods, and manageable management fees. Discover the streamlined process with the freelance work permit, empowering individuals to navigate a diverse range of business activities.

Whether you’re a design professional, graphic design artist, marketing consulting specialist, or an enthusiastic entrepreneur, explore the strategic advantages that a Fujairah Creative City’s Freelance Visa holder has, fostering growth and success.

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Fujairah Creative City Investor Visa

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In Fujairah Creative City, an Investor Visa serves as the key to unlocking a realm of opportunities for those seeking to invest in the dynamic business landscape. This specialized visa is a crucial gateway, enabling investors to establish a significant presence, engage in diverse business activities, and contribute to the city’s economic growth. It offers not only the legal framework for entrepreneurial endeavors but also the prospect of long-term residency, making it an essential and strategic tool for individuals and entities looking to thrive in the flourishing business environment of Fujairah Creative City.

Costs for an Investor Permit/Visa

Investors exploring opportunities in Fujairah Creative City benefit from competitive pricing and a streamlined process. Key considerations for the cost of Investor Visas include:

  1. Trade License Costs: Investors are required to cover trade license fees, ensuring legal requirements and authorization to engage in various freelance activities within the Creative City.
  2. Residency Permit Expenses: Obtaining a residency permit linked to the Investor Visa involves specific costs, reflecting the city’s commitment to facilitating the presence of investors and their families.
  3. Office Spaces and Real Estate: Depending on the chosen business activities, investors may need to factor in costs related to office spaces or real estate, aligning with the diverse range of sectors available in Fujairah Creative City.
  4. Financial Institutions Engagement: Demonstrating engagement with financial institutions may be necessary, emphasizing financial stability and responsibility as part of the Investor Visa application process.
  5. Education Sector Compliance: Investors focusing on the education sector should ensure compliance with specific requirements, contributing to the city’s commitment to fostering diverse economic activities.

By understanding and accounting for these costs, investors can make informed decisions, leveraging the advantages of Fujairah Creative City’s business-friendly environment and expansive range of opportunities. The city’s Investor Visa offers a gateway to a vibrant entrepreneurial landscape with the potential for long-term residence and family sponsorship.

Requirements for Obtaining an Investor Permit/Visa

Obtaining an Investor Visa in Fujairah Creative City involves meeting specific criteria tailored to encourage diverse investment opportunities. Key requirements include:

  1. Completed Application Procedures: Submit comprehensive application forms, providing accurate details about the intended investment and business activities.
  2. Proof of Investment Management: Showcase expertise in investment management, demonstrating the ability to strategically handle financial portfolios and contribute to economic growth.
  3. Portfolio Companies Documentation: Provide documentation highlighting the investment portfolio, showcasing a diversified range of business activities within Fujairah Creative City.
  4. Financial Services Engagement: Demonstrate engagement with financial services, ensuring financial stability and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  5. Valid Visa and Entry Permits: Maintain a valid visa and comply with entry permit regulations to facilitate a seamless investment process.
  6. Commercial License Application: Apply for a commercial license, specifying the range of business activities intended under the Investor Visa.
  7. Professional Background Verification: Undergo background verification to ensure a credible and professional history in the chosen investment sector.

By meeting these requirements, investors can navigate the application process efficiently, contributing to the economic vitality and growth of Fujairah Creative City.

Benefits of Having an Investor Permit/Visa in Fujairah Creative City

Holding an Investor Visa offers numerous perks. While the exact validity may differ, it could be between one to three years residence visa. Embarking on a journey of economic growth and strategic investments, the Investor Permit/Visa in Fujairah Creative City presents a wealth of advantages. Recognized as an economical choice, this visa opens doors to convenient options for investors. Beyond traditional paths, it encourages alternative investments, providing a diverse and dynamic platform. Residency visas also can sponsor family members, thus impacting the parent level within the family structure.

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Family Visa

Fujairah Creative City offers Family Visas to accommodate the diverse needs of residents and their families.

Costs for an Family Visa

The cost requirements for Family Visas encompass several factors:

  1. License Costs: Families need to cover the associated license costs, ensuring legal compliance and authorization to reside within Fujairah Creative City.
  2. Residency Permit Expenses: Obtaining a residency permit or resident visa linked to the Family Visa involves specific costs, reflecting the city’s commitment to facilitating family-oriented living.
  3. Medical Insurance: Families are required to provide proof of medical insurance coverage, ensuring the well-being of family members during their stay in Fujairah Creative City.
  4. Application Fee: An application fee is applicable for processing the Family Visa application, contributing to the administrative costs associated with the entire process.

Understanding these cost requirements enables residents to plan and secure Family Visas seamlessly, fostering a conducive environment for family life within the vibrant community of Fujairah Creative City.

Requirements for Obtaining a Family Visa

The specific requirements for a Family Visa in Fujairah Creative City may vary, but generally include the following:

  1. Sponsorship: A primary applicant within Fujairah Creative City is typically required to sponsor family members, providing financial support and acting as the primary representative.
  2. Valid Passport: Each family member applying for the visa must possess a valid o passport with an expiration date extending beyond the intended period of stay.
  3. Health Insurance: Providing evidence of comprehensive health insurance coverage for all family members is usually mandatory to ensure access to medical services.
  4. Proof of Relationship: Documented evidence such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other legal documents establishing the relationships between family members.
  5. Financial Stability: Demonstrating financial stability and the ability to support dependents during the stay is crucial. This may involve presenting financial statements, employment contracts, or other financial proof.
  6. Residence Permit: Family members must undergo the process of obtaining a residence permit, which may have associated costs.
  7. Medical Fitness Certificate: Some jurisdictions may require a medical fitness certificate for each family member to ensure their well-being.
  8. Application Forms: Completing the necessary application forms accurately and providing all required documentation.

Other requirements are certain financial security levels, or identical security holdings. It’s important to note that specific eligibility requirements can change, and applicants should always refer to the latest guidelines provided by Fujairah Creative City or consult with relevant authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

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Freelancers and investors seeking a balance of affordable living, simple regulations, and good quality of life will find Fujairah Creative City to be the perfect hub. The city offers a wide range of alternatives that are adapted to your needs, from the Green Visa to the more complicated world of portfolio features and correlations in portfolio choosing.

Whether you are looking for your own space or seeking investment opportunities, the Creative City Free Zone Authority has laid down an infrastructure supporting your dreams and ambitions. So, as you consider your next move, remember that Fujairah Creative City could be your gateway to success.


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