Dubai Maritime City Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.)

Dubai Maritime City's diverse visa options

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You’re interested in the visa types and costs for Dubai Maritime City? Ah, the United Arab Emirates’ crown jewel of maritime business. It’s not just about yachts and ports; it’s where the big fish—Freelancers, Investors, and even Family Offices—navigate the tides of opportunity. Sit tight as we dive into the legal mumbo jumbo to tell you exactly what you need to throw down for which piece of paper.

Why Dubai Maritime City? 

Ever wondered what made Dubai Maritime City rise like a phoenix in the desert? Forget Abu Dhabi for a moment. Imagine a hub teeming with foreign companies and chock-full of investment opportunities. From hedge funds to direct investment, it’s where your business plan transforms into a business reality. Let’s be honest: this isn’t just Dubai Media City on water; it’s the mecca of maritime business activity.

General Visa Requirements 

Let’s cut the crap. Whether you’re eyeing an employment visa or a freelancer visa, you’re gonna need a valid passport. And no, that crumpled passport photo you took at a mall kiosk won’t do. Get an original passport and make sure your mug looks decent. Medical insurance? Well, consider it non-negotiable. Lastly, if you’re under the illusion that you can skip a medical examination, you’re in for a surprise. It’s the UAE, not Costa Rica.

To break it down, FZBuddy listed these non-negotiables for almost any type of visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Original Passport Photo
  • Valid Health Insurance
  • Medical Examination

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Type of Visa and Its Impact

Alright, let’s switch gears to what really counts—what type of visa should you be angling for? Are you the next Goldman Sachs of investment management? A freelancer looking for freelance permits? Or maybe you’re aiming to set up a family office to oversee your extensive portfolio of mutual funds and alternative investments. Your investment objectives are the lodestar here, guiding you to make informed investment decisions.

The Investment Frontier

For the financial samurais out there, investment strategy matters. Dubai Maritime City is where investment management meets opportunities, from Credit Suisse-style hedge funds to freelance license ventures. Whether you’re into mutual or alternative investments, understanding the landscape helps you play the game better.

Family Matters

Got kids? Spouse? Biological or actual parents? If you’re seeking a family visa, it’s more than just filling out forms. Entry visas for families include requirements like proof of employment for the parent level, and the impact of the parent on the child matters for entry permit considerations.

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Freelancing Like a Pro

Freelancers, listen up. Your freelance visa needs are covered, from freelance permits to proof of health insurance. Not a Dubai Talent Pass or SRTIP Visa, but it gets the job done.

Direct Investment and Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and foreign investors, Dubai Maritime City is your playground. You’re not just gaining office space; you’re part of the Emirates ID elite, accessing federal freelance visas and multi-family office resources. Portfolio companies, take note.

Health Insurance and Other Costs

Think you can evade health insurance costs? Think again. For a residence visa, this is not just an add-on but a prerequisite. Freelancers, your freelance license and visa types have their own health insurance caveats.

Paperwork and Permits

Residence permits are not just stamped papers; they’re your ticket to freedom within the United Arab Emirates. From residence visa types to sample periods and one-year validity periods, be prepared for a heap of paperwork.

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Cost Breakdown 

Alright, folks, let’s get to the heart of the matter, shall we? How much is this maritime joyride in Dubai Maritime City going to cost you? Buckle up, because the numbers are as real as your mom’s overbearing affection.

Freelancer Visa Costs 

Hey, Picasso! If you’re in the freelance game, your freelance visa in this city will set you back around AED 15,000 to AED 20,000, depending on the freelance license you’re after. Yes, you heard right, this isn’t Abu Dhabi or Dubai Media City—Dubai Maritime City has its own freelance permits, and they’re not handing them out like samples at Costco. Got your original passport photo and proof of health insurance? Good. Otherwise, they’ll send you packing faster than you can say “nomad visa.”

Investor Visa Costs 

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Oh, you’re the next Warren Buffet? Splendid! Investor visas don’t come cheap, obviously. A minimum investment of AED 10 million in alternative investments or direct investment could be your ticket in. That’s right, don’t walk in with your Goldman Sachs swagger expecting a free lunch. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds where you can dabble, Dubai Maritime City is all about investment management. There’s a correlation in security choice, but if your investment strategy is solid, you’ll sail smoothly. And please, don’t forget the health insurance; it’s more than a suggestion.

Family Visa Costs 

Planning to relocate your familial circus? Cool. But remember, every child or parent on child, even the biological parent you only see on holidays, needs an entry permit. Your entry visas for the family could range from AED 300 to AED 1,200. Proof of employment for the patriarch or matriarch is a must. The impact of the parent level determines the residency permit types. United Arab Emirates ain’t no Costa Rica, folks. Make sure you read up on residence permits. Emirates ID is mandatory, and yes, you’ll need valid health insurance. Surprise!

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Other Visas: Employment, Federal Freelance, etc. 

Let’s not forget the bread and butter—employment visas. They range from AED 400 to AED 800. It’s not as glamorous as an investor visa, but hey, it gets you through the door. And for those who want to sit in a multi-family office, discussing portfolio characteristics or identifying investment opportunities, know that federal freelance visas exist. They’re not the same as SRTIP visas, but who’s keeping track? Make sure you’ve got a valid passport that isn’t older than your fashion sense.


You’re not in Kansas anymore. Dubai Maritime City has its own rulebook, and you need to play by it. Whether you’re investing, freelancing, or settling down with your family, know your visas, know your costs, and navigate like a pro.


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