Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2 Visa Cost & Types (Freelancers, Investors & Family, etc.)

Discover visa options to choose from in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2

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Navigating Dubai’s labyrinth of visa categories might feel a bit like trying to understand the portfolio strategies at Goldman Sachs or Credit Suisse. But you do not need to worry! If you’re eyeing the budding opportunities at Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, here’s your essential guide to deciphering visa types and their costs.

Dive into this guide from FZBuddy and get the needed knowledge for the type of visas in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

Background of Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2

Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2 is more than just another business centre in the heart of the UAE. While Abu Dhabi often takes the limelight for its ventures, this gem in Dubai aims to reposition the city as a global hub for preventive healthcare.

It is another hotspot for business activities both for traditional workers and freelancers.

Navigating the Residency Visa Landscape in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2

In the vibrant expanse of Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, obtaining a Residency Visa is a critical step for professionals, investors, and families aiming for a prolonged stay. This visa is a gateway to the multifaceted opportunities within Dubai’s healthcare, technology, and financial sectors.

  1. Eligibility and Application: The Residency Visa process involves detailed eligibility requirements, including proof of annual income, financial solvency, and a valid passport. Applicants may also need specialized diplomas or educational certificates, depending on their professional background.
  2. Types of Residency Visas: The spectrum of Residency Visas includes options for freelancers, investors, and families. Each category, like the Green Visa or the Freelance Employment Visa, caters to specific needs, offering varied validity periods and benefits.
  3. Zonal Advantages: Dubai Internet City, Ajman Free Zone, and Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone offer tailored environments for diverse sectors. These zones provide a business-friendly environment, supporting everything from decentralized applications to traditional family offices.
  4. Process and Cost: Applicants must navigate the entire process, from the initial visa application form to medical tests and obtaining a residency permit. The freelance visa cost and other expenses vary, underscoring the need for thorough planning and understanding of the process.

Types of Visa and How to Get Them in the UAE

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Navigating the various types of visas in the UAE can seem daunting, but it’s a crucial step for anyone looking to engage in freelance activities, set up a business, or simply bring their family to this dynamic city. The UAE offers a range of visas, each with its own set of requirements and benefits, catering to different professional backgrounds, from independent contractors to investors. Understanding the specificities of each visa type helps in making an informed choice and ensures a straightforward process for your application. Here’s a detailed look at the different types of visas available and the steps to obtain them:

Freelancer Visa

The Freelancer Visa in the UAE is a beacon for independent contractors and professionals across diverse fields such as healthcare, research, graphic design, and fashion styling. To acquire this visa, applicants must submit a freelance license application along with a valid passport and relevant academic qualifications.

Benefits: This visa is particularly advantageous for those in the burgeoning freelance community in areas like Dubai Healthcare City and Ras Al Khaimah.

Cost: Costs for the Freelancer Visa vary but are generally competitive, reflecting the flourishing freelance market. Dubai Development Authority, for instance, lists a standard permit at approximately Dh7,500, excluding additional costs.

This visa is an attractive option for freelancers seeking to embark on their freelance journey in a dynamic environment like the UAE. It also comes in different types as discussed below.

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Talent Pass

The Talent Pass, a unique three-year visa option in the UAE, caters specifically to freelancers and independent professionals. Launched by the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (Dafza) in partnership with Dubai Culture and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), it’s designed for those in various creative and entrepreneurial sectors.

The cost of obtaining a Talent Pass is AED 9,500, providing a valuable opportunity for professionals to establish and grow their careers in the UAE’s dynamic business environment. This visa option is especially beneficial for those seeking a longer-term presence and wanting to delve deeper into their freelance journey.

The application process for the Talent Pass is streamlined, encouraging a wide range of professionals to take advantage of this attractive option within the UAE’s business-friendly landscape​.

Media Freelance Visa

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The Media Freelance Visa in Dubai is an excellent opportunity for professionals working in a variety of media-related fields. This visa allows individuals to work independently in about 45 different categories, ranging from roles like actors, photographers, animators, artists, and more. It is particularly suited for those involved in Dubai Media City and similar hubs.

In terms of cost, as of 2023, the Dubai freelance visa starts at AED 20,000 and remains valid for 2 years. This cost is an essential factor to consider, especially for those planning to work in the media, tech, education, and creative industries sectors. It’s important to note that the setup expenses may vary depending on the specific free zone you choose for registration. Additionally, supplementary costs for a freelance permit may apply under the Dubai Development Authority.

This visa not only enables you to work across various industries but also offers the flexibility of working with multiple clients or organizations within the UAE. It’s an attractive option for those seeking to explore diverse opportunities in the vibrant and dynamic media landscape of Dubai.

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Educational Freelance Visa

The Educational Freelance Visa, accessible through Dubai Knowledge Park, is designed for experts in the education sector, including advisors, e-learning advisors, executive coaches, researchers, and trainers. To secure this visa, applicants need to submit a comprehensive freelance license application, backed by essential documents like a passport, CV, academic certificates, and professional references.

Cost-wise, a one-year visa is priced at AED 2,750, while a three-year option is AED 5,000, additional to the freelance license and Establishment Card expenses. This visa offers a great opportunity for education professionals to contribute independently to the UAE’s evolving educational landscape. The process is streamlined, making it an attractive and accessible path for those aiming to pursue their professional ambitions in the education sectors of the UAE.

Designers Visa

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The Designers Visa in Dubai, particularly facilitated by the Dubai Design District, is tailored for professionals in design-related fields such as apparel design, interior design, and fashion styling. For those looking to apply, the process is straightforward. Applicants need to register and complete the application through the Dubai Design District’s GoFreelance program, providing essential documents such as a passport copy, visa copy (if available), and a valid medical insurance.

The cost of a one-year visa is AED 4,381.97, and for a two-year visa, it is AED 4,750.00. This fee includes the Freelancer Permit and access to co-working spaces. Additional costs for an Establishment Card and other related expenses should also be considered. This visa provides an excellent opportunity for creative professionals to work independently in Dubai’s dynamic design sector.

Investor Visa

For those who know their mutual funds from their hedge funds, the Investor Visa is your ticket to leverage Dubai’s dynamic growth. You must meet some particular requirements to obtain an Investor Visa. Your existing or new business in Dubai Maritime City must meet the minimum investment.

You must also submit a comprehensive business plan outlining your objectives and activities.

When you obtain a Visa for Investors, you can access a network of entrepreneurs and investors who share your passion for innovation and success. This investor visa allows you to tap into Dubai’s thriving business landscape.

Benefits: With this visa, the world of alternative investments, portfolio companies, and more open up, making it a haven for finance professionals. The Investor Visa is one of the most in-demand resident visas in the UAE.

Cost: While costs can vary, think of it as an investment management fee – essential for accessing the top-tier opportunities of the region. You can apply for your Dubai Investor Visa online.

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Family Visa

Are you planning to set up shop and bring the family along? The Family Visa has you covered. Ensure your original passport and that of your family members are ready. Ready your application forms and payment for application fees.

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Benefits: Besides the evident perk of having your loved ones close, this visa opens doors to premier educational institutions for the young ones, ensuring they achieve the highest level of education.

Cost: Dubai doesn’t just offer golden sands; there’s also a 5-year visa, a 3-year visa, and other options to consider. The associated costs, though, are a small price for the family-focused amenities.


Whether you’re a budding freelancer, a seasoned investor eyeing direct investment, or a family-oriented individual, Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2 offers a range of visas to suit your needs.

Just remember to always double-check your paperwork, ensure you have a valid visa, and maybe get a consultation from professionals before diving in. After all, while Dubai might dazzle with its skyscrapers, it’s the visa fine print that can truly make or break your experience. Try reading this! – Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Twofour54


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