Dubai Digital Park (DTEC) Visa Types with Cost for Freelancers, Investors & Family

DTEC visas: Empowering freelancers, investors, and their families

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Dubai Digital Park (DTEC) is an innovative business hub located in the thriving financial capital of Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Freelancers, investors, and families flock to this avenue, looking to live in one of the world’s leading financial capitals. With its modern office facilities like coworking spaces and a supportive business ecosystem, DTEC is an attractive option for business owners—particularly those involved in technology and digital services.

FZBuddy is here to help get your feet in learning about Dubai Digital Park. Read this guide Dubai Digital Park (DTEC) Visa Cost & Types.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

The Cost and Types of Visas Available in DTEC

If you’re focused on investment management or managing family offices, DTEC has visa options to accommodate different preferences.

Freelancer Visa

Dubai Digital Park also offers freelancer visa for those who work in direct investments or managing mutual funds.

Requirements (Eligibility)

To qualify for a Freelancer Visa, you must have a specialized skill set in a field recognized by DTEC. Your business activity should be registered and present a detailed business plan. Those involved in direct investments or managing mutual funds are also considered eligible.

Here’s how (Application Process)

Have your application to DTEC with the required documentation handy. Prepare a copy of your business plan.

Draft that winning business plan before your visa application. This enables you to kickstart your business activity with flying colors. DTEC, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs work for financial credentials.

Cost of the Visa

License packages vary, with costs for office space also to be considered. Be sure to account for the annual license fee in your calculations.

What Advantages Can You Enjoy Obtaining a Freelancer Visa

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Prepare yourself. The Freelancer Visa program offers many benefits that will surely make you satisfied. With this visa, you can access DTEC‘s resources and network of potential clients and great investors. Freelancers can even explore business opportunities in Dubai South, a rapidly expanding business hub.

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Investor Visa

Investors can get an investor visa from Dubai Silicon Oasis for a fee, of course.

Requirements (Eligibility)

Business owners and foreign investors who are interested in alternative investments, particularly hedge funds, portfolio companies, and multi-family office setups, can apply for an Investor Visa.

Immerse in the Application Process

Like Freelancer Visa, a business plan should clearly outline your investment objectives. Once submitted, DTEC and its associates, such as Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, review the plan for its viability and alignment with Dubai Silicon Oasis’s strategic vision.

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Cost of the Visa

The costs depend on the scale of your investment management plans and direct investments. Those focusing on portfolio companies may find the cost higher due to more stringent share capital requirements.

Benefits of Obtaining an Investor Visa

With an Investor Visa, you can make informed investment decisions through the proprietary family office database in DTEC. Moreover, you’ll have the liberty to manage mutual funds and hedge funds under the umbrella of your own private companies.

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One of the Best Options: Family Visas

Individuals working in Dubai Silicon Oasis may bring their families. Take a look at the cost and process.

Requirements (Eligibility)

Family offices and business owners looking to relocate with their loved ones can use the Family Visas.

Immerse in the Application Process

Get those papers in handy.

Show relevant documentation to prove your familial relationships.

This could range from birth certificates for child pairs to proof of financial responsibility for the parent on child or child on parent circumstances.

Cost of the Visa

Multiple options are available for family offices, and the cost of office space varies accordingly.

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Obtaining a Family Visa: How Good Can It Be

Moving with your family to the Dubai Silicon Oasis will not only enhance your quality of life. Your family members can enjoy the park’s world-class amenities through this visa.

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In wrapping up the exploration of Dubai Digital Park (DTEC) and its visa offerings, it’s clear that DTEC stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the UAE. This hub offers a wide range of visa types, catering to freelancers, investors, families, and more, each tailored to suit different professional and personal needs.

The allure of DTEC lies in its dynamic blend of technology, digital services, and a supportive business ecosystem, including co-working spaces and networking opportunities. Whether it’s for establishing a multi-family office, delving into software development, or exploring real estate investments, DTEC provides an ideal platform for growth and success.

As you consider your venture into DTEC, remember the importance of understanding the specific requirements and benefits of each visa type to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals.


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