How to Start a Company in Twofour54 From Home (2023 Guide)

Home-based entrepreneurship: Your 2023 guide to launching a Twofour54 company

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Twofour54 is an environment that binds creative individuals. They are welcome to collaborate for Abu Dhabi collaboration, innovation, and creation. Twofour54 is a great avenue to set up a business. It is home to the biggest names in the entertainment and media sectors.

Twofour54 Abu Dhabi isn’t just any media zone—it’s the nerve center for one of the most rapidly expanding media markets globally. Known as one of the world’s most vibrant co-working spaces, it caters to many services.

What’s the cherry on top? Well, they make setting up a business almost too easy.

It provides economic benefits to any business activity. Towfour54 is offering hassle-free licensing and setup services. You can own 100% of your company. Yes, 100 % foreign ownership.

All while enjoying a rock-solid, stable environment. How’s that for a win-win? Abu Dhabi’s friendly business policy entices entrepreneurs.

FZBuddy will help you navigate how to start a company in Twofour54 from home, including the Yas Creative Hub. The easy-to-understand steps will get you ready ASAP.

Guide on How to Start a Company in Twofour54 From Home This 2023

Setting up a business in Twofour54 is quick and simple—no need to worry. Just read, and you can follow through.

1. Register Your Company Online

In 2023, starting a company in Twofour54 from your home in Abu Dhabi is surprisingly straightforward. You begin with the online registration process. You can register your company via the twofour54 website.

Still, it’s essential to have your documents ready. You’ll need to fill out a business form with accurate details. This step sets the base for your company’s legal existence.

You’ll need to submit your business plans or form.

Gather your ideas for winning business plans and business strategy. Research your target market. Be aware of your competition on Yas Creative Hub, located on Yas Island, and beyond. Formulate what will make you unique. Keep that business idea coming.

 Lay it all out, from the initial idea to full-scale operations. Use business support services if needed. Trust me; it’s worth it.

You’re all set once you have the documents and use a valid registration channel.

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2. Accomplish Other Documents Needed

You will be required to sign commercial, legal, and regulatory documents. Then, you can proceed with necessary or applicable payments. You need to pay a certain fee if license fees are not totally waived.

Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority sets the charges for license fees. Normally, it’s AED 15,000 for a new business or company branch. It charges AED 4,500 for 12 months and AED 2,225 for six months for freelancers.

card credit pay payment icon

Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority also collects registration fees. It’s charging AED 3,500 for both new businesses and new business branches. Once paid, get your licence and start your business.

For more questions and clarifications about starting your business, the twofour24 support team is ready to help.

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Here is a breakdown of some legal documents or business licenses you need:

  • Trade License – This license allows you to operate your business legally 
  • Business Registration Certificate – Proof of registration with Shams
  • No Objection Certificate or NOC – This is only needed if you will operate from a residential property

3. Prepare to Work in Your Home Office

Look, let’s face it. Nowadays, home is not only for resting but for working. It’s now also where you’ll run your empire. Types of office spaces? Irrelevant. Focus on setting up a productive environment. Equip it with graphic design or software you need for your business activity. Residency process?

You can sort that online, too. But remember, your office is a 10-second commute from your bed, so no excuses for being late!

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Tips for Setting Up Your Office Space (From Home)

Read this for some tips for organizing your office space (from home). These will give you ideas not only with set up. You can check for other things to complete your business setup. 

  • Dedicated Customer Care Team: At the start, you’ll do everything in the business. Nonetheless, a dedicated customer care team will be needed soon. Such a team makes your work more flexible. It’s more cost-effective than employing an in-house team. A dedicated customer care team has extensive experience. It promotes increased productivity and configures databases.
  • Fully-Furnished Offices: This setup comes with numerous benefits for your business. These include flexibility, reduced maintenance, convenience, professional image, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Flexible Working Spaces:There is a professional and collaborative environment when you have flexible working spaces. It is a great alternative to work-from-home or traditional offices. 
  • Take Advantage of Online Resources: The beauty of Twofour54 is its wide range of online resources. From business plan templates to business support services—everything you need to get started is a click away. The platforms provide you with the tools to understand license fees, Abu Dhabi’s market landscape, and the residency process for your employees.

Necessary Documents for Twofour54

agreement contract document legal pen icon

You have to secure these documents to start a business in Twofour24. This requirement may vary depending on the type of business license, company structure, and others. Generally, these documents are required. 

  • Each shareholder’s passport copy 
  • Copy of UAE Visa (if available/applicable)
  • Business plan 
  • Company application form
  • Picture with a white background 
  • Trade name and business activity approval 

If required – Additional approvals from authority and leasing of an office space facility

Freelancer License/ Freelancer Permit

There are corresponding license options for your type of activity. This is another important thing to prepare. You still need to get a license to engage in freelance work. Whether you’re a solo freelance media professional or managing an entire freelance relations team, this permit is a non-negotiable requirement.

Thankfully, you can do this online. Visit twofour54 website. Freelancers are required to get a Sole Proprietor License and Residency Visa. The Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi issues the freelance license.

You can get the license if you are:

  • A non-GCC national with a residency visa
  • Sponsored for an employment and residence visa by the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi

Why Start a Company in Two-Four24?

Twofour54 is your golden ticket to doing business in the MENA region. Starting a company with twofour24 comes with a range of benefits.

It welcomes not only big companies but also small ones. TwoFour24 offers a lot of offices for companies, as well as event spaces. The area already has a wide array of production facilities for media practitioners. It even provides an easy, quick, and affordable freelancer package.

These packages are intended for a wide range of professions. Its free online service connects clients with expert service providers. This online service is available at twofour54. The free zone also gives special access to Abu Dhabi government contacts.

Its proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport gives it logistical advantages. The zone offers media and tech businesses unparalleled benefits, including reduced licence fees and a simplified business setup process. Plus, it’s on Yas Island—a hub of creativity and innovation. What’s not to love?

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Business Activity

apartment building hostel hotel icon

At twofour54, the vibrant Abu Dhabi Media Free Zone, a vast array of business activities are supported, catering to diverse business types. This hub for media and marketing services includes media support services and media consultancy, making it an ideal location for businesses. The business hub thrives with activities like new media, pre-production, and post-production services, alongside innovative fields like software design, social media advertising, animation, and broadcasting. Content production, communications, event management, and journalism are also integral parts of this creative community.

Music production and recording facilities at twofour54 are state-of-the-art, further enhancing its reputation as a central location for entertainment hubs. The commercial license process in twofour54 is streamlined, allowing businesses to set up with simple steps and access details efficiently. Companies can also explore pre-production and post-production facilities for production, elevating the quality of their creative outputs.

Additionally, twofour54 offers a vast array of professional services, supported by a business support department that aids in company registration, visa requests, and employee residency management. This makes it an ideal location for business, particularly for those in the media and entertainment sectors. Its geographical location within one of the major cities and safest city—Abu Dhabi—adds to its appeal, attracting partner companies and individuals seeking a professional license for their ventures.

For entities from diverse locations like the Virgin Islands, Caicos Islands, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka, twofour54 is a gateway to bring their ideas to life in a thriving media free zone. This business hub is not only a location for business but a community hub where success stories in media and entertainment are nurtured and celebrated.

Who is Eligible to Start a Business in Twofour54?

The next question is, who qualifies for business activity in twofour54? Are non-residents allowed to operate a business in this free zone? 

  •  Media
  •  Entertainment and gaming companies 
  •  Freelancers 

All of them can register a license to start a company in Abu Dhabi through Twofour54. However, creative freelancers and other similar professions must apply for a freelance work permit in the area.

Types of Company in Abu Dhabi 

Several types of companies exist in Abu Dhabi’s business setup. The classification depends on the nature and scope of the business. 

business ecommerce ecosystem finance pattern icon
  •  Limited liability company (LLC) – This company has at least one UAE national partner. He owns at least 52% of the shares. 
  •  A free zone company (F.Z.) operates within a designated area and enjoys tax and customs benefits.
  •  Branch office – This is a legal extension of a foreign parent company. It conducts business activity or activities in Abu Dhabi. 
  •  Professional services company: As its name implies, this company provides professional services. Such services include consultancy, engineering, or law and can be 100% owned by a foreigner.

Business Visa in UAE 

Let’s talk about visas. The United Arab Emirates, a sprawling playground of innovation and commerce, is making its siren call to entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. But to enjoy the promise of a thriving business activity, you need to secure a business visa.

Thanks to streamlined Visa Application Processes, expats or Non – UAE Residents are finding it increasingly convenient to shop in Abu Dhabi. A wide range of visas is available depending on your type of work and how long you would like to stay in the UAE.

The UAE Golden Visa is a resident visa. The residency period is up to 10 years. You don’t need a UAE national as a sponsor or business partner. Remember the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa because regional differences sometimes offer unique perks. Residents Visas in the UAE, including this golden visa, allow you to sponsor yourself and your dependents.

The best thing about the UAE Golden Visa is that it is renewable. Yes, you can re-apply for this 10 -Year Visa.

“What about Non-UAE Residents?” you ask. Well, there’s a Green Visa for you freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. Tailored to skilled professionals, it enables you to stay in the UAE for five years without requiring a local job offer.

UAE opens doors of opportunities to non-UAE residents. This is made possible through its wide range of visas. Meanwhile, a Tourist Visa can be a gateway to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Take note it’s illegal to work only with a Tourist Visa.

Now, let’s discuss Visa Activation. There are certain steps to follow for Visa Activation. Remember, the process may depend on your type of visa. If your visa is a Tourist Visa, you can apply through airlines and hotels.

Your travel agent can also help you with your Visa Activation. But if you have an employment visa, you must get an employment entry visa in the UAE.

bank mobile transfer icon

Here is the Simplified Visa Application Process 

  • Apply for an entry visa quota approval.
  • Submit a signed employment contract.
  • Submit a work visa application and apply for an entry visa.
  • Receive an employment entry visa.

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Starting a company in Twofour54 from home has never been easier, especially in 2023. The streamlined process in Abu Dhabi and the perks of Yas Creative Hub and Yas Island offer an invaluable experience.

Every step is simplified, from registration fees to selecting a business form and trade name. So, dive in—Twofour54 is waiting for you.Gather those documents needed. Follow the steps, and you’re good to go.

Dive in and start a company in Twofour54 from Home. Plus, setting up a reliable and conducive space gears you to success.

It is important to take note of other fees. These fees cover the health insurance cost, P.O. box, establishment card fee, and manager pre-approval fee. You must also pay a fee for licensing renewal costs after the first two years.

There is a fee for the General manager residency cost. Then, you must pay to access the New Company electronic channel registration at the Abu Dhabi immigration office.


Below is a list of commonly asked questions related to Twofour24:

Is there a fine if I don’t renew my company establishment card?

Yes, there is. You will be fined based on the immigration authority’s rules and procedures. For the first month, it’s AED 1,155. Then, AED 100 for each consecutive month. 

Another fee for you is the service charge to twofour54. 

Can I check my trade license in Abu Dhabi via online?

Yes, you can inquire about business licenses in Abu Dhabi by visiting the Department of Economic Development database. You may verify your Abu Dhabi trade license details or trade names. 

 Can I renew my trade license online in Abu Dhabi? 

Definitely, yes. You can renew your trade license online. Provided that your company is a registered partner of the twofour54 free zone. The self-service portal makes it possible to renew your trade license.

Is there any consequence if a valid health insurance plan does not cover an individual? 

Yes, you must pay a fine. The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi issues a fine worth AED 300 per month for individuals who do not have valid health insurance. 

Do I have a grace period if my Emirates ID expires? 

There is a 30-day grace period. You can renew your Emirates ID without any fine during this period. 


FZBuddy aims to provide accurate and reliable information as you navigate the UAE Freezone space. As such, our writers refer to primary information sources in supporting each article appearing on this website. These include, but are not limited to, published news articles, government portals, research papers, and more.

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