How to Start a Company in Fujairah Free Zone from Home (2023 Guide)

Launch your Fujairah Free Zone business from home with ease

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Ever fantasized about being your own boss? Your dream destination is closer than you think—it’s the Fujairah Free Zone. Our 2023 guide on How to Start a Company in Fujairah Free Zone from Home (2023 Guide) by FZBuddy will handhold you through the entire process, from initial approval to capital repatriation. Ready to fill out that application form? Let’s dive in!

Why Fujairah Free Zone is Your Next Business Destination

Think of Fujairah Free Zone as an entrepreneur’s paradise. Managed by the Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA), this unique economic zone rolls out the red carpet for business owners. Imagine paying zero corporate taxes and having the freedom to move your capital as you please. Sounds like a business utopia, doesn’t it? And it’s not just about Fujairah; places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai Silicon Oasis also offer exciting opportunities.

The Business Landscape in Fujairah

Fujairah offers a business-friendly environment with a wide range of business sectors and types of business activities to choose from. Whether you’re a sole proprietorship or a larger legal entity, Fujairah has got something that’ll tickle your fancy. The relevant authorities are supportive, making it easier for you to start your business operations.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah Free Zone attracts investors as it offers great opportunities and benefits for businesses.

Financial Benefits

  • Strategic Location: Nestled near Fujairah International Airport, the zone boasts cutting-edge infrastructure.
  • Financial Perks: Moving your money around? Repatriation of capital is a breeze here.
  • Tax Benefits: Say goodbye to double taxation agreements and enjoy export tax exemptions.

And there’s more! Fujairah also offers lower fees for business and trade licenses, making it an irresistible option for both startups and seasoned businesses. The license fees are competitive, adding to the numerous benefits.

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Office Space and Virtual Offices: Your Business Home

Setting up your company in Fujairah Free Zone requires meticulous planning to ensure a smooth and successful business venture. Picking the right office space is key to establishing a strong presence in the market. Fujairah Free Zone offers a range of options, from physical office spaces to virtual offices, catering to all kinds of business structures.

Step1: Choose the Right Type of Company

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To start your ventures, it is important to choose first the type of company that you want to establish.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): LLCs are popular for a reason—they offer a flexible business structure while limiting your financial risks. The initial approval from government authorities is straightforward, and you’ll need to meet certain financial reports requirements.
  • Branch or Representative Office: If you’re already running a mainland company, a branch office can help you expand your business scope and reach. This is particularly useful for mainland corporations looking to broaden their horizons.
  • Professional License Companies: These are ideal for those in the professional services sector, like consulting or financial services. The application process for this type of license is streamlined for your convenience.
  • Offshore Companies: Looking to play it smart with taxes? Offshore companies are your go-to, especially if you’re considering international trade.

Types of Licenses and Legal Requirements

Depending on your commercial activities, you’ll need a specific type of business license. The Department of Economic Development in Fujairah offers a variety of license types, from commercial to professional. The license application is part of the entire setup business process.

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Step 2: Meet the Minimum Capital Requirements

The minimum capital required in Fujairah Free Zone depends on the type of activity or venture the company has.

Share Capital Requirements

You’ll need to meet a reasonable minimum share capital requirement if you’re going the LLC route. A capital contribution certificate may be required.

Foreign Ownership Limits

Foreign nationals can own up to 49% of the business, while a UAE national must own the remaining 51%.

Key Steps in Capital Investment

Before you jump in, you’ll need pre-approvals from the relevant authorities. This often involves showing a certificate of reference from a personal bank to prove you’re financially solid.

Step 3: Acquire the Necessary Documents and Permits

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  • Business Plan: A comprehensive business plan is your roadmap to success. It should outline your business objectives and goals.
  • Application for Registration: You’ll need to fill out an application form for registration with the Fujairah Free Zone Authority. This is a crucial part of the application process.
  • Bank Reference Certificate: A certificate from a corporate bank is required to prove you’re financially stable.
  • Visa Application for Key Personnel: Last but definitely not least, make sure your key players have their visas sorted, complete with medical fitness tests and visa stamping.

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Document Checklist and Legal Obligations

Keep your ducks in a row—make sure all your documents are up-to-date and tailored to your business type. This includes your registration certificate and a list of documents that vary based on your type of business activity.


Kicking off a business in Fujairah Free Zone isn’t just thrilling—it’s a savvy move. With its world-class infrastructure and a host of benefits, Fujairah is fast becoming the go-to hub for business establishments. So, why the delay? Embark on your entrepreneurial adventure today with the help of experienced consultants and business setup experts!

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