How to Start a Company in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) from Home (2023 Guide)

Pioneering your DHCC home business: 2023 expert insights.

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Opening a company in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is more than just a business move. It’s a strategic plunge into a pool of endless opportunities within the healthcare sector. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority regulates this special free zone.

Thus creating a haven for entrepreneurs and healthcare providers alike.  Hop on and read this article from FZBuddy. See how you can start a company in Dubai Healthcare City from home

How to Establish a Company in the DHCC Free Zone?

In the glitzy oasis of Dubai Healthcare City, setting up a company isn’t just about renting an office space and hiring staff. This comprehensive guide aims to navigate you through the healthcare sector.

Moreover, it aims to guide you about business licenses and regulatory requirements. Buckle up, as the journey begins right from the comfort of your home.

Decide on the Business Activity

First things first, identify the business activity your healthcare company will engage in. Will you offer medical services? Or run a medical center? Whatever it is, the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) requires precise categorization.

The DHCC permits activities and businesses like general hospitals,optical centre, , laboratory services, and medical billing services. In this Free Zone, you may also start a pharmaceutical, and diagnostic centers.

Other examples of permitted businesses are educational services, consultancy services, scientific and laboratory trading . You can even start an addiction rehab centre, plastic surgery centre, psychological counseling centre, and medicinal chemicals.

Other common businesses in DHCC include surgical equipment trading and retail. Whether you’re eyeing a specialty clinic or a full-blown hospital, DHCC offers options.

The city accommodates a broad spectrum of healthcare businesses, from healthcare providers to medical services and facilities.

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Decide on the Company Structure

Your next move is to select your company structure, which is crucial for your licensing process. Whether you’re a lone ranger or have a battalion of corporate shareholders, DHCA has a structure that’ll suit you.

  1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company: A Free Zone Establishment or Free Zone Company operates as a Limited Liability Company, adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the particular free zone where it is established.
  2. Branch of a Foreign Company: It is a legally affiliated entity to its parent company outside the UAE, even if its location is not in its headquarters.
  3. Branch of UAE Company/Establishment: A UAE Company’s branch is recognized as a legally affiliated entity, an extension of its parent company registered within the UAE but operating beyond the boundaries of DHCC jurisdiction.

      Any company established outside DHCC, whether licensed as a company or establishment, can acquire a branch license within DHCC. It’s important to note that the Branch Company must maintain full ownership by the parent company.

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      Select a Business License for Your Business

      There’s no one-size-fits-all business license here. Depending on your chosen business activity, you may need a clinical or non-clinical license. Consulting with a business advisor specializing in healthcare can provide additional insights.

      Generally, these types of business licenses are available in DHCC:

      • Clinical License
      • Professional License
      • Commercial License
      • Freelance
      • Media

      Understanding DHCC Licensing

      Getting the right business license is crucial in the healthcare industry, especially in the bustling environment of Dubai Healthcare City. DHCC offers various types of licenses, each tailored to specific healthcare activities. For instance, a medical center would require a different license than a pharmacy.

      To navigate this, consult the Dubai Healthcare City Authority to understand your business activity’s licensing requirements. This is essential to ensure alignment with the healthcare sector’s regulatory requirements.

      Advantages of Obtaining a DHCC License 

      There are several benefits of owning a DHCC License. These are:

      • Full ownership (100%)
      • Real estate solutions that are flexible 
      • TAX efficiency
      • No customs or duties
      • Flexible real estate solutions
      • A wide range of business support services
      • Access to the expertise of world-class health and wellness professionals in the region and internationally

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      Select a Trade Name

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      Choosing a trade name in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Free Zone is a crucial step, as it serves as the identity of your business. It’s important to select a name that not only aligns with your healthcare professional goals but also adheres to the guidelines set by DHCA. This name should accurately reflect the type of business activity you’re engaged in, whether it’s a clinical facility, a private clinic, or a healthcare consultancy. Ensure that the name you choose is unique and distinctive, setting your medical venture apart in the bustling hubs of Bur Dubai and close to other major centers like Dubai Internet City.

      Register Your Business

      Registration is a pivotal step in establishing your presence in the DHCC Free Zone. Start by filling out the application form, ensuring you include a detailed business plan that aligns with the healthcare facilities and medical industries within DHCC. Your application should include all the necessary legal documents, like identity documents and corporate structure papers. Once submitted, you’ll be on your way to becoming an integral part of this world-class infrastructure, known for its excellence in medical and healthcare services. This is your opportunity to contribute to the vision of Dubai Health Care City, bringing your unique healthcare services to a global audience.

      Set up Physical Office Space 

      Securing a physical office space in DHCC is mandatory for all businesses, including those with no staff. Consider the square feet you’ll need to effectively operate, whether for diagnostic laboratories, medical centres, or administrative offices. This requirement means additional costs, so plan accordingly. For business owners not based in Dubai, be prepared to visit the city to open a UAE bank account for your DHCC entity. This proximity to Dubai World Central and Dubai International Financial Centre also offers you a chance to network and collaborate with other healthcare professionals and businesses, expanding your reach in international markets.

      Reasons to Set Up a Business in DHCC Free Zone

      From total foreign ownership to tax benefits and high regulatory standards, DHCC offers a slew of advantages that make it irresistible for anyone looking to make their mark in healthcare.

      Imagine a cosmopolitan hub of medical innovation, services, and technologies—DHCC is where your healthcare business dreams can become a vivid reality. Its strategic location contributes a lot to the advantages that DHCC offers.

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      Requirements to Open a Company in DHCC

      Here is a more detailed list: 

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      • Completed Application form
      • Well – Written Letter of Intent
      • Existing company name and details (if available)
      • Shareholder(s)’ six-month bank statement or Annual financial report (not required if no previous company)
      • Copy of shareholder(s)’ passport
      • Original bank reference letter for each shareholder
      • Initial approval(s) from the third authority
      • Business plan ( drafted for you by a Dubai Business Advisor)
      • A legal representative

      Virtual Steps to Set Up Your Business from Home

      The digital era allows you to handle most of the setup process for your healthcare industry venture without leaving your home. Utilize the designated e-services portal for various business activities, including online applications like reserving a trade name to submitting your comprehensive business plan.

      MASAAR is DHCC’s interactive and unique online platform. It provides services to the members of this free zone community.

      The user-friendly platform also accommodates uploading additional documents and streamlines regulatory requirements, ensuring a smoother application and approval process.

      About Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA)

      The Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) is the pivotal governing body responsible for regulating the diverse healthcare industry within the DHCC Free Zone. Its purview extends from issuing various types of business licenses. It oversees an array of business activities.

      Whether you’re planning to provide medical services or establish medical facilities, DHCA ensures that all operations align with the rigorous standards of the healthcare sector.

      By orchestrating a well-regulated environment, DHCA is indispensable in maintaining the integrity and quality of medical services and facilities in this specialized healthcare hub.

      The application process isn’t exactly a cakewalk. You’ll need valid passports, Emirates IDs, corporate documents, and potentially more. Regulatory requirements can be tricky but are manageable with due diligence. 


      There’s no better time than now to capitalize on the demand for healthcare services in Dubai Healthcare City. So, secure those business licenses and get the ball rolling on your healthcare business setup.

      The city awaits you and your contribution to healthcare standards. And remember a stitch in time saves nine when setting up in DHCC.

      Now, who says you need to leave your comfy chair at home to start a business in the healthcare sector in Dubai? Toast to your new business venture!

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      Who started the Dubai Healthcare City? 

      His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched DHCC in 2002. 

      How much capital do you need to start a company in Dubai Healthcare City? 

      There is no minimum capital required for opening a branch of a foreign or UAE company in DHCC. On the other hand, there is required capital for a commercial entity and clinical firm. It’s AED 50k for a commercial entity and 300k for a clinical firm.

      Is a medical company required to pay corporate tax in DHCC?

      No. There are no Corporate taxes for the healthcare industry. 


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