Sharjah Publishing City License Types for Company Formation

Discover the licensing choices for efficient company formation in Sharjah Publishing City

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Dive right into the buzzing world of Sharjah Publishing City, a haven for publishers but also a promising spot for other ventures. Why, you ask? It’s the strategic location, a stone’s throw from the Sharjah International Airport, and a hop away from the Dubai International Airport. Looking for a wide range of business activities to choose from? SPC Free Zone has you covered. Talk about being spoilt for choices! 

Whether you’re eyeing a commercial license for that bookstore dream, or a professional license to consult on the next bestseller, the options are aplenty. The real trick, dear reader, is navigating the company formation process. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants to get tangled in red tape when there are books to be published and deals to be made.

Co-working spaces, office space – both physical and metaphorical – are aplenty. Foreign investors are flocking in, drawn by tax exemptions and other perks. Not to mention, the option of a dual license for those who can’t decide or just want the best of both worlds. All in all, Sharjah Publishing City license types aren’t just about publishing; they’re about possibility. So, ready to set up a business? Just remember, FZBuddy is always in the details – and those details are in the fine print of your business license.

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Detailed Breakdown of Sharjah Publishing City License Types

Sharjah Publishing City boasts a wide range of business license types catering to different business activities. The sheer range of business activities covered here is nothing short of a page-turner.

The Classic Commercial License

This license, dear reader, is for those involved in commercial activity. Be it buying, selling, or any form of trade. If you’re looking to set up shop and become the next big thing in the publishing world, this is your golden ticket.

The Profound Professional License

Now, for the intellectuals among us. If you provide professional services, this license has your name written all over it. Imagine setting up your consultancy, management firm, or IT-related businesses here. Oh, and sources whisper that service providers have a ball with this license.

The Dynamic Dual License

Two is better than one, right? This dual license allows companies to operate both within the SPC Free Zone and outside the UAE. It’s the best of both worlds!

Starting your business here requires a well-crafted business plan, an application form filled out with love and care, and some financial report to show you mean business. Throw in a specimen signature and a passport photo and you’re almost there. Visa processing is a breeze here, and if you play your cards right, you might even get initial approval in no time.

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Benefits and Limitations of Each License Type in Sharjah Publishing City

The fast-paced business world is an ever-shifting realm, but when it comes to the Sharjah Publishing City license types, let’s face it, it’s not your everyday topic.

The Ever-So-Beneficial Wide Range of License Types

Just as the name suggests, Sharjah Publishing City offers a wide range of license types tailored for different business activities. Say you’re a professional services guru, then the Professional License is your pick. Maybe you’re thinking about retail? Grab a Commercial License.


Versatility: From commercial activity to management consultancy, SPC Free Zone has got you covered.

Business-friendly: Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone understands the pulse of business operations, from the intricate details of the company formation process to the hefty business requirements.

Optimal for Foreign Investors: These licenses are tailored to be foreign investor-friendly, accommodating a wide variety of international markets.


Office Space Conundrum: The type of license might dictate the office space you opt for – be it a swanky furnished office or a basic co-working space. Decide wisely!

Business Setup Formalities: More options mean more homework. Ensuring your business setup aligns with the exact licensing category? That’s a class in itself.

The All-Mighty Dual License

Now, what if you’re a business maverick wanting to operate both onshore and within the SPC Free Zone? Behold the Dual License – the captain of flexibility.


Double the Fun: Operate inside and outside the free zone. Spread your wings!

Strategic Location: Sandwiched between the Sharjah International Airport and Dubai International Airport, you’re looking at prime real estate.

Cost Efficiency: Provides an affordable cost option for businesses wanting a taste of both worlds.


Complicated Paperwork: Yes, it gives flexibility, but the application form? It’s like trying to understand the plot of an art film.

Physical Office Requirement: Here’s the twist. Even though it’s flexible, you’d need a physical office space. So, window shopping for the perfect office becomes an essential chore.

Embracing the Commercial License

The big daddy of licenses. Perfect for those looking to engage in any form of commercial activity in the SPC Free Zone.


Diverse Business Opportunities: Whether it’s publishing of books or something more techy like IT-related businesses, it’s your canvas.

Immigration Facilities: This license comes with visa processing benefits which are smoother than your morning latte.

Tax Exemptions: Yes, you read that right. More money in the pocket!


Specificity: It may not cover some professional services or industrial activities. So, one needs to be very clear about the type of business activity they plan to undertake.

Currency Restrictions: There might be some, so be sure to consult your accountant and not just rely on your uncle’s financial advice.

The Sophisticated Professional License

For those with a specific professional skillset. Be it law firms, management consultancy, or other service providers, this license is your knight in shining armor.


Tailored to Expertise: Designed specifically for professionals. So, if you’re good at something, here’s your platform.

Easy Setup: Company formation experts have touted the professional license as one of the easiest to set up in the Sharjah Free Zone.

Less Financial Hurdles: Lower share capital requirements, which means fewer financial report nightmares.


Narrowed Scope: It’s exclusively for professionals. So, if you’re planning to sell, trade, or manufacture – this ain’t it.

Residency Challenges: Visa processing might be a tad bit trickier compared to other license types. Be ready to face some legal forms head-on.

If you’re planning to dive into the Sharjah Publishing City’s business setup, remember that every license type has its own set of glittering benefits and teeny-tiny limitations. So, wear your business strategy hat, consult some knowledgeable folks, maybe those in Business Link UAE, and choose wisely. And always remember, in the world of business, even the sky isn’t the limit!


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