Masdar City Investor Benefits 2023 (Tax Advantages & Incentives)

Elevate your investments with Masdar City's attractive tax schemes

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Explore unparalleled benefits with Masdar City investor benefits, where financial incentives meet world-class infrastructure for optimal business operations. Enjoy attractive destinations in a sustainable development hub, alleviating the tax burden on taxable income. Masdar City offers unique investment opportunities seamlessly integrated with Abu Dhabi Global Market, making it the preferred choice for forward-thinking investors. Elevate your ventures in a vibrant ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability and growth.

FZBuddy maps out various investor advantages in Masdar City. Yes, Abu Dhabi’s crown jewel of sustainability is calling all foreign investors and international companies to its sun-soaked business hubs.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

Why Invest in Masdar City?

Investing in Masdar City is a strategic choice, driven by tax advantages, incentives, and a business-friendly atmosphere. The host country’s statistical support, coupled with a free zone setup, provides a conducive environment for diverse business activities. Western companies find a welcoming home, with options for commercial property and robust infrastructure. The city’s focus on art adds a unique cultural dimension, attracting expatriate workers.

Forget about dilly-dallying with Ras Al Khaimah or Saudi Arabia. With an innovative free zone structure and advanced facilities, Masdar City stands as an attractive destination for investors seeking growth and success in a dynamic and globally connected business landscape.

Tax Advantages

Unlock unparalleled advantages with Masdar City Investor Benefits, focusing on tax advantages. The Masdar City Free Zone, designed for commercial and foreign companies, offers a wide range of incentives. Enjoy exemptions from corporate income tax and value-added tax, promoting financial growth. 

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Corporate Tax Benefits

Alright, let’s break down the juicy part—taxes. Masdar City offers a 0% corporate tax rate. With a strategic approach to tax policies, Masdar City stands as a beacon for international investors. 

Experience unprecedented corporate tax benefits in Masdar City, attracting domestic investments and financial institutions. Enjoy a supportive ecosystem that enhances financial performance, offering exemptions from value-added tax. The free zone’s commitment extends to supporting renewable energy projects, aligning with global energy demands. Masdar City stands as a prime destination for commercial companies, fostering an innovative energy mix.

Customs Tax Incentives

Feel like importing a truckload of rooftop solar gadgets? Go ahead, no one’s going to stop you. You won’t find customs tax officers with their hands out.

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Unlock remarkable benefits in Masdar City with customs tax incentives. This business-friendly environment offers advantages like property transfer fee exemptions, attracting investors and business consultants alike. Masdar City’s appeal extends to both local and international businesses, especially those from Western countries, providing a seamless experience for those seeking growth and success in a globally connected marketplace.

Personal Income Tax

Here’s where it gets even sweeter. Work in Masdar City and keep your entire paycheck. That’s right, zero personal income taxes, meaning more capital gains for you and your civil company team members.

Private sector workers, including expatriates, experience the perk of personal income tax exemptions. This strategic offering enhances the city’s appeal, attracting a diverse and talented workforce. Join a community where financial advantages align with professional growth, providing an ideal environment for expatriate workers to thrive in their careers. 

Investment Incentives

Embrace a wealth of investment incentives in Masdar City, epitomizing the vision of smart cities. With a focus on sustainable development and integration with the Dubai Financial Market, Masdar City offers unparalleled opportunities. Investors benefit from a conducive environment that not only fosters financial growth but also enhances the overall quality of life. Join a thriving community where innovation and economic prosperity harmonize to create an unparalleled investment landscape. Here are some of the incentives they could get.

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Startup Ecosystem

So, you fancy yourself the next Elon Musk, do you? Before you launch yourself into the United States or Ras Al Khaimah, hold your rocket horses. As a hub for innovation and sustainability, Masdar City encourages startups to flourish within its forward-thinking environment, streamlining the company formation process. 

Renewable Energy Perks

Solar panels? Check. Rooftop solar? Double check. Masdar City is the dreamland for any renewable energy sector geek, a beacon of low-carbon energy innovation. With incentives supported by Abu Dhabi DOE and public pension funds, it ensures a reliable supply of electricity through its cutting-edge renewable energy initiatives. By fostering a conducive environment for exchange companies and promoting green solutions, the city stands as a testament to sustainable living and forward-looking business practices.

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Real Estate & Infrastructure

Thinking of setting up shop? Masdar City’s infrastructure is more developed than a 5-star chef’s recipe. The business hubs are a marvel of civil engineering, and foreign investors will find a buffet of options for their business activities. You’re not confined to cramped buildings; you’re getting state-of-the-art smart cities, baby. And with Abu Dhabi Free Zones offering various onshore company options, your international company will feel right at home.

Licensing and Skilled Workforce

You might think that a city this great has a bureaucratic nightmare waiting for you, but no. The licensing procedure is a straightforward process, and specialists in company formation are at hand to guide you through the company incorporation procedure. Forget about the hustle of meeting minimum share capital requirements; you can start with what’s termed “sufficient capital.” Skilled workforce? Check. You’re not just filling seats; you’re recruiting future industry leaders.


Masdar City, a visionary hub, offers investors an array of benefits. With tax advantages, sustainable developments, and a world-class infrastructure, it stands as an attractive destination. The city’s financial incentives, coupled with opportunities for business operations and taxable income optimization, make it a preferred choice for global investors.

Positioned within the Abu Dhabi Global Market, Masdar City ensures a conducive environment for thriving investments, making it a strategic and lucrative choice for those seeking financial gains and international market access. It’s Abu Dhabi’s future, and it’s inviting you to be part of it. What are you waiting for?


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