Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Dubai South Free Zone

Optimize costs for company formation and renewal in DSFZ.

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Dubai South Free Zone by fzbuddy. If you’re wondering about Dubai South Free Zone, you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s dive in!

About Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South Free Zone, formerly known as Dubai World Central, is a business hub that offers a wide range of business activities. It’s an attractive option for both local and foreign investors. The Free Zone is strategically located and offers complete exemption from personal income tax.

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Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Dubai South Free Zone

  • Tax Exemptions: Enjoy zero corporate income tax and personal income tax.
  • Wide Range of Business Activities: From trading to logistics services, the options are endless.
  • Smart Desk and Smart Office Options: Flexible office spaces to suit your business needs.

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Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Dubai South Free Zone

The cost of company registration varies, but you can expect to pay between AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 annually. The license cost is also an additional fee to consider.

Fee Structure

  • Initial Approval Fee: AED 5,000
  • Company Registration Fee: AED 10,000
  • License Fees: Varies depending on the type of license

Types of Licenses Available

There are several types of licenses you can apply for:

  1. Trading License
  2. Service License
  3. Industrial License

Each type of license has its own set of regulatory requirements.

The cost to form and renew a tax-free company in Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ) depends on the type of license applied for. There are various types of licenses available, including professional services, trading, education, industrial, general trading, and consultancy. Each type of license has its own set of regulatory requirements, which must be met before an application is approved.

Range of Business Activities Allowed

Whether you’re into trading activity or professional services, Dubai South Free Zone has got you covered. However, it’s crucial to get initial approval for your specific business activities.

Initial Approval Requirements & Fees

To get initial approval, you’ll need:

  • A business plan
  • Passport copies of all business owners
  • Proof of share capital

The initial approval fee is around AED 5,000.

Legal Entities Available and Regulatory Requirements

You can set up the following types of legal entities:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Branch Office
  • Free-Zone Company

Minimum Capital Requirement for Tax-Free Companies

The minimum share capital requirement varies depending on the type of company and business activities. Generally, it ranges from AED 50,000 to AED 100,000.

Repatriation of Capital Rules & Regulations

Repatriation of capital is allowed, but certain rules and financial statements must be adhered to. Always consult with relevant government authorities for the most accurate information.

Foreign Investors and Business Owners Requirements

Foreign investors can own 100% of the company. However, certain types of business activities may require a local sponsor.

Business Park & Smart Desk Services

Dubai South Free Zone offers state-of-the-art business park and smart desk services, providing businesses with the flexibility they need.

Cost of Company Registration and Other Necessary Fees

The total cost of company registration includes the initial approval fee, license fee, and any additional documents that may be required.

Social Services Provided by the Free Zone

The Free Zone also offers various social services to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Commercial Activities Permitted in the Free Zone

Almost all types of commercial activities are permitted, but it’s essential to confirm with the Dubai South Free Zone authorities.

Obtaining a Trading License in the Free Zone

To obtain a trading license, you’ll need to go through an application process that includes submitting a business plan and other required documents.


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