Dubai Science Park License Types for Company Formation

Discover versatile licensing options for seamless company formation in Dubai Science Park

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Decoding the labyrinth of Dubai Science Park license types can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. Yet, getting it right is a game-changer for your business journey in the UAE. In this article, FZBuddy will unfold the mysterious cloaks around choosing the right license type, diving into each option available for those science biotechnology wizards and healthcare providers among us.

The Importance of Choosing the Right License 

You can’t just roll the dice and hope for the best. Selecting the right license has everything to do with your business activity, from the legal framework to corporate taxes. If you’re a foreign investor looking to set up shop, your type of business activities will dictate whether you need a commercial license, an industrial license, or something else entirely. So, save yourself the agony of legal headaches and stick around as we unpack this Pandora’s Box.

Overview of License Types

Ready to navigate the labyrinth of Dubai Science Park license types? This section will be your GPS, steering you through the options and helping you pick the license that aligns best with your business activity and goals.

Commercial Licenses

For the tycoons and moguls with a business plan focused on sales promotion, this license is your golden ticket. With it, you can freely conduct business in Dubai Science Park and beyond, without worrying about currency restrictions or export tax.

Service License

Fancy yourself as a maven in the science sector? A Service License grants you the power to offer specialist services. From life sciences to renewable energy, this license covers a wide range of business objectives.

Industrial License

If you’re all about manufacturing and churning out products, then an Industrial License is your jam. Given the strategic location of Dubai Science Park close to Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airport, shipping and handling become a breeze. Plus, there are no pesky personal income tax issues to fret over.

Freelance Permit

Are you an independent contractor with extensive knowledge in the science and healthcare sectors? A Freelance Permit lets you operate as a natural person rather than a legal entity. It’s like being a one-man army, minus the fatigue.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a License

Decisions, decisions. Before applying that John Hancock to any application form, consider the following:

  • Business Type: Whether you’re a Sole Establishment or a Limited Liability Company, your business type will steer the license you need.
  • Capital Requirements: The minimum capital requirement varies, and it impacts your ability for the repatriation of capital. Know your numbers.
  • Legal Requirements: Each license type comes with its own set of regulatory requirements, which you better read as if it’s a treasure map.
  • Office Space: From laboratory space to co-working spaces, your business size dictates the kind of commercial spaces you can rent.
  • Foreign Companies: If you’re a branch company from abroad, consider whether you want to operate as an independent corporate entity or as an extension of your parent company.

The Application Process

So, you’re mentally ready to become the next titan in the Dubai Science Park, huh? Well, calm your jets, young Skywalker; there are hurdles to clear. First off, you need to submit an application form. No, not like applying for a Netflix account, but one that requires initial approval and legal documents. This is usually done through Dubai Science Park Authority.

The regulatory requirements are the secret sauce here. They vary depending on your legal entity, be it a Sole Establishment, a Limited Liability Company, or some other corporate entity. As a foreign investor, your dedicated team might need to attach a business plan as solid as Thor’s hammer. Once you’re through this round, congrats! You’re ready to shell out some dough for pre-approvals and company registration. Yeah, Rome wasn’t built for free.

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Costs and Financial Implications 

Money talks, and in the realm of Dubai Science Park, it speaks volumes. License fees aren’t a joke, and depending on whether you’re going for commercial licenses, an industrial license, or freelance packages, you’ll need to budget like Scrooge McDuck. But wait, there’s more—share capital requirements.

For a Limited Liability Company, the minimum share capital requirements can be a pretty penny. Foreign companies, especially, might need to plan for the complete repatriation of capital. But hey, it’s not all a money pit. You have tax benefits here—like zero personal income tax and corporate taxes. Take that, Uncle Sam!

Case Studies

Consider the tales of two companies: One in renewable energy and another in life sciences. Both mastered the ecosystem for businesses within the Park Free Zone, leveraging the strategic location near Dubai International Airport for sales promotion. Each optimized their type of business activities and are now the toast of the Middle East.


So there you have it—a crash course on acing your Dubai Science Park company formation. With the right license, you can join the ranks of innovative companies operating within this competitive business environment. Go on, consult some business setup consultants and may the (business) force be with you.


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