Dubai Outsource City (DOC) License Types for Company Formation

Tailor-made licenses for your company's outsourcing journey.

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Ever wondered what’s cooking in the pot of business activity in Dubai? Pondered about the DNA of a legal entity there? Scratched your head over the minimum capital requirement or foreign ownership? Well, buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

Dubai Outsource City, or DOC for the cool kids, isn’t just another business park; it’s a haven for outsourcing activities, specifically designed for companies in the business. There’s a wide range of sectors, including transaction processing and customer care, just to name drop a couple.

Foreign companies looking for a piece of the Dubai action find DOC to be a treasure trove, offering perks like repatriation of capital. Aside from that, you will also understand different license fees, commercial licenses, and so much more.

The journey of setting up shop in DOC, from the application form to the final handshake, can be a whirlwind. But armed with knowledge and perhaps some business setup consultants on speed dial, you’ll be ready to tackle the ins and outs, ups and downs with the help of FZBuddy

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Detailed Overview of Dubai Outsource City (DOC) License Types

Dubai! Home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, world-renowned luxury shopping, and… well, did you know, a thriving hub for outsourcing activities? Let’s get to the crux of the matter.

Dubai Outsource City (DOC), part of the Dubai Free Zone, is where the magic of outsourcing happens. It offers a wide range of sectors including business formation activities, ensuring your business setup runs smoother than a buttered-up slip-and-slide. But before you dive into this opportune world, you need to know about the license types on offer.

Different License Types

In the thriving business landscape of the UAE, understanding the various license types in Dubai Outsource City (DOC) is crucial for prospective entrepreneurs. DOC offers a range of licenses tailored to different business activities. These licenses include:

Commercial Licenses

This isn’t just for your regular buy-and-sell businesses. Commercial licenses cater to companies looking for outsourcing business opportunities and service providers.

Most suited for: Back-office activities, transaction processing, customer care, and a sprinkling of digital voice and multimedia software.

Industrial License

Do you fancy a bit of manufacturing activities in the heart of the desert? This license allows for that and more.

Most suited for: Making those fancy metal casings, high-speed data services, and utilizing next-generation technologies.

Professional License

A license for those who’ve got skills and aren’t afraid to flaunt them. This is perfect for providers of property management, technology management, and even advertising and venue management services.

Most suited for: Management services providers, venue management, and information technology management.

Branch Office License

Ideal for foreign companies and corporate giants who want a piece of the Dubai pie without having to bake from scratch.

Most suited for: Branch of a foreign/UAE company, business owners, and corporate person types wanting to set foot in Dubai Outsource City.

The Benefits of DOC Licenses

There are undeniable perks that come with each license. For starters: 

Foreign Ownership: Foreign investors can own 100% of their company in DOC. No more hunting for a local partner!

Repatriation of Capital: Send your money across the seas. With DOC licenses, there’s a guarantee of 100% repatriation of capital and profits. Goodbye, financial handcuffs!

Tax-Free Income: Personal income tax? What’s that? At DOC, it’s all about the tax-free life.

Ideal Location: Close to the Dubai International Airport and Jebel Ali Free Zone, DOC is perfectly poised for business people on the go.

Robust Telecom Infrastructure: Thanks to a robust telecom infrastructure, businesses in DOC have access to high-speed internet connectivity, IP telephony, and automatic call distribution.

Dubai Outsource City isn’t just about glittering skyscrapers and luxury cars. It’s an oasis for outsourcing activities, ripe with opportunities for channel and market development. Whether you’re a natural person or a corporate giant, there’s a license type waiting for you.

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The Process of Acquiring a Dubai Outsource City (DOC) License

For those seeking a front-row seat in the world of outsourcing in Dubai, buckle up because we’re diving deep! The world is a wide range of sectors including, well, almost everything. Want to know more about Dubai Outsource City (DOC) license types? Stay with us.

Initial Documentation & Business Activity Declaration

Business Activity: Before plunging into the specifics, identify your business activity. Be it multimedia software, back-office activities, or property management services, know where your strength lies.

Legal Entity: Whether you’re a corporate person, a natural person, or an international outsourcing company, determine the legal form your business would take in the DOC.

Application Form: Here’s where you get a tad bit official. Fill in the application form, detailing out your business plan and business type.

Money Talks – Financial Requirements

Minimum Capital Requirement: Different Dubai Outsource City license types require varied minimum share capital. The key? Ensure you have proof of share capital – because, yes, they’ll ask!

License Fees & Registration Fees: While not exactly equivalent to buying a cup of coffee, it’s money well spent. The fees cater to your type of license, be it commercial licenses or something more niche.

Repatriation Of Capital: For the foreign investors among us, rest easy! Repatriating your capital is smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter in DOC.

Ownership & Legalities

Foreign Ownership: A juicy bit for our international friends – foreign companies can enjoy a robust amount of foreign ownership in DOC.

Legal Documents & Business Registration: Every entity, from MENA business services to global behemoths, needs to provide legal documents. We’re talking certificates of incorporation, specimen signatures, and other fun stuff.

Branch Office vs. FZ-LLC Businesses: Decide if you’re operating as a branch of a foreign/UAE company or as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC). Each comes with its own set of documentation requirements.

Operational Pre-requisites

Business Setup Consultants: Ever heard of Alwesal Marketing Management or Adventity BPO? These are just a couple of business setup consultants that can guide you in the DOC. Though if you ask me, diving in headfirst has its merits!

Facilities Management Services & Office Spaces: Need a chic office or just some space to think? DOC has you covered. From art offices to robust telecom infrastructure, the choice is vast.

Customer Care & Transaction Processing: DOC isn’t just about giving licenses. With its next-generation technologies, businesses can benefit from high-speed data services and more.

Finalizing The Deal

Lease Agreement: So, you’ve decided on an office. Now, ensure your lease agreement is signed, sealed, and delivered.

Personnel Sponsorship Agreement: Planning on having a team? This agreement is for visa sponsorship of your staff. Speaking of which, the DOC-Free Zone makes visa processing a breeze.

Initial Approval & License Costs: Your final steps! Get that initial approval for business formation and ensure all your license costs are clear. 

Whether it’s Adventity BPO or Phenom Business Solutions, companies in the DOC are enjoying benefits like tax-free income, modern infrastructure, and opportunities for channel development in an international community. So, if you’re thinking about diving into the DOC pool, there’s never been a better time!


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