Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) License Types for Company Formation

Discover DHCC's varied licensing options for hassle-free company formation

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Feeling overwhelmed by the maze of business licenses? You’re not alone, especially if you’re planning to start a company in a specialized area like Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). This guide is here to make your life easier. We’ll walk you through the different Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) License Types for Company Formation by Fzbuddy and what you need to know about each one.

What is Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)?

Dubai Healthcare City isn’t just any free zone; it’s a healthcare haven. Located near the picturesque Dubai Creek, it’s become an urban healthcare landmark. And guess what? The Dubai Healthcare City Authority is in charge here, making sure that patient care is top-tier. This central healthcare district is a hub for medical education and a wide range of healthcare services.

Fun Fact: Did you know that DHCC is also a hotspot for medical tourism? People from Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East come here for world-class healthcare services, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and facilities. It’s a network of healthcare professionals offering high-quality, patient-centered healthcare.

Types of Licenses for Company Formation in DHCC

Business License Types in DHCC

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Thinking of starting an LLC in DHCC? Good choice! You can dive into a variety of healthcare and commercial activities. Plus, you don’t need a mountain of minimum share capital, and you can even send your profits back home through repatriation of capital.

Professional License

If you’re a healthcare pro or a medical expert, this license is your ticket to both clinical and non-clinical activities. For example, if you’re into day-surgery centers or medical centers, this license is a perfect fit.

Commercial License

This one’s for the businesses that want to set up diagnostic labs, wellness centers, or retail outlets. You can cover a whole bunch of activities, from healthcare to wellness services. Even if you’re into healthcare-related manufacturing activities, this license has got you covered.

Parent Company

Already own a foreign company outside the UAE? You can extend your empire by setting up a parent company in DHCC. It’s a fantastic way to grow your brand in the region.

Care City License

This specialized license is a gem for healthcare companies aiming to offer top-notch patient care and medical services in the DHCC Free Zone. It’s especially great for those focusing on patient safety and wellness services.

Types of Companies in DHCC

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

An FZE is a one-person show, meaning you can be the sole corporate shareholder. It’s perfect for small to mid-sized healthcare companies. And the cherry on top? You can get a 10-year residency visa and enjoy tax breaks.

Branch Office

A branch office is like a mini-me of your parent company. It’s not its own legal entity, but it makes license renewals a breeze.

Representative Office

This office is your go-to for marketing and admin tasks. You won’t make money directly, but it’s a great way to get your brand out there.

Professional Firms

These are for professionals in the same field. You can offer services but can’t get into commercial trading. So, if you’re a group of legal eagles or medical mavens, this is for you.

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Requirements for Obtaining A Business License from DHCC

  1. Application Form: First off, fill out the application form. It’s step one in getting your license.
  2. Business Plan: Next, you’ll need a solid business plan that spells out what you’re planning to do.
  3. Legal Documents: Gather all your important papers, like your company’s constitutional documents, proof of capital letter, and recent bank statements from shareholders.
  4. License Fees: Don’t forget to pay the fees. No free lunches here!
  5. Approval from Relevant Authorities: Depending on your business type, you might need a thumbs-up from healthcare or educational bigwigs.

Legal Structures and Documents Required to Form a Company in DHCC

When it comes to paperwork, DHCC doesn’t mess around. You’ll need a bunch of legal documents to get your company off the ground. These include:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Original Bank Reference Letter
  • Company Brochure

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Starting a business in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is like hitting the jackpot. You get access to world-class healthcare services and a prime location near Dubai Creek. Knowing the different licenses can make the whole process a lot smoother, letting you focus on what you do best: providing excellent healthcare services and Medical Practice.

So, whether you’re a healthcare provider, a medical educator, or a business owner looking to break into the healthcare scene, DHCC is the place to be. With competitive pricing and a skilled workforce, it’s no wonder DHCC is a magnet for healthcare companies aiming for global recognition.


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