Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

Revealing the financial requirements for starting and renewing a tax-free company

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So you’ve caught wind of the pot of gold at the end of the Dubai rainbow—aka, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. This isn’t your grandad’s business park; it’s a glittering hub where business and bling coexist. But wait, let’s talk about the real sparkle: Dubai Gold and Diamond Park cost. The financial anatomy of setting up shop here is worth its weight in, well, gold and diamonds. If you don’t want your entrepreneurial dreams to end in a fiscal nightmare, you best get acquainted with the nitty-gritty of costs and licenses. Buckle up, FZBuddy will guide you it’s number-crunching time!

Types of Business Licenses Available 

License shmicense? Not quite! The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park doesn’t just let anyone waltz in without getting their bureaucratic ducks in a row. You’ve got options, pal:

  • Trading License: Think buying and selling like a Wall Street big shot but with precious metals.
  • Manufacturing License: For those who actually like to get their hands dirty—or glittery in this case.
  • Retail License: Perfect if you’ve got something shiny to sell to tourists and locals alike.

Each license comes with its own price tag, often running between AED 20,000 to AED 50,000. The choice is yours, choose wisely!

Initial Setup Costs 

Here’s where we start talking real money—the kind that makes you want to clutch your wallet in horror or jump for joy, depending on how deep your pockets are. But don’t fret; we’re breaking it down.

  • Registration Fee: Roughly AED 10,000. Yeah, that’s just to say, “Hey, I exist!”
  • License Fee: As mentioned, this one varies depending on the type of business activity, but let’s ballpark it at AED 25,000.
  • Name Reservation Fee: A nominal AED 1,000, because apparently, names are expensive.
  • Legal Costs: Lawyer up! Expect to drop around AED 5,000–AED 10,000 here.

Add that up, and you’re already in the hole for something like AED 40,000–AED 90,000. The price of admission isn’t cheap, but you didn’t come here to play in the minor leagues, did you?

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Ongoing Operational Costs 

So, you’ve set up shop, flicked on the ‘Open’ sign, and you’re feeling like the king (or queen) of bling. Don’t rest on those laurels just yet. Operating in this glitzy park isn’t all roses and gemstones.

  • Renewal Fees: Keep that license fresh with an annual fee. Let’s say AED 20,000 for kicks.
  • Utility Costs: Dubai’s sun is free; its electricity isn’t. Budget around AED 2,000 per month.
  • Labor Costs: Unless you’re a one-man band, you’ll need staff. Wages can run you AED 4,000 per employee monthly.
  • Maintenance Costs: Your space won’t clean itself. Set aside another AED 1,000 per month.

Quick math: you’re looking at AED 24,000 on utilities, AED 48,000 for a single employee, and AED 12,000 on keeping the place spick and span—annually. Add in the renewal fee, and you’re talking AED 104,000 per year, give or take.

Tax Benefits & Caveats

Alright, all you diamond-in-the-rough entrepreneurs, let’s take a no-nonsense look at the glittering tax benefits and the lurking gremlins in Diamond Park. If you’ve got one eye on your financial statements and the other on that lovely yellow metal, buckle up!

  • Repatriation of Capital and Profits: Unlike the tight grip in Abu Dhabi or Jebel Ali Free Zone, Diamond Park allows smooth sailing when it comes to sending your money where you please.
  • AML Compliance: No joke, folks. Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Regulations are in play here. So, don’t even think about making it rain without a proper business plan.
  • Federal Tax Authority: This isn’t Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. You won’t get tangled in a web of confusing rules, but still, the FTA is watching. Compliance is your best buddy here.
  • Capital Gains? What Gains?: That’s right, capital gains are basically your fairy-tale villain here—much talked about but never actually seen. The tax Kryptonite doesn’t work in this strategic location.
  • Trade Licenses: Compared to Dubai International Financial Centre, getting your business licenses in Diamond Park is like stealing candy from a baby. Just don’t, you know, actually steal.
  • Minimum Share Capital: Foreign investors, you won’t need to cough up an arm and a leg as minimum capital requirement. Just make sure your business type aligns with the legal framework.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Less daunting than Dubai Silicon Oasis, but don’t start doing cartwheels just yet. Keeping in line with the law isn’t optional; it’s a business objective.
  • Type of Business Activity: Whether you’re into the diamond industry or precious metals, be certain that your business activities are transparent as a Tiffany-cut gemstone.
  • Office Space & Commercial Properties: Unlike the sky-high rents in Dubai Media City, Diamond Park offers reasonable options, but hey, you get what you pay for.
  • Double Tax Treaties: If you’ve got business operations in European countries or Asian countries, you’re in luck. Diamond Park’s got double tax treaties to make your life easier.

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Leasing Options

Now, let’s gab about office space because you can’t run a business from your mom’s basement in Diamond Park. The park offers various square meters of commercial properties, from cubicles that barely fit a chair to sprawling spaces that demand an interior designer. Office premises here aren’t just a room with a view—they’re a statement. Your office packages might range from AED 60,000 to AED 150,000, depending on how extravagant your taste is. Abu Dhabi could be cheaper, but this isn’t Abu Dhabi, darling.

Other Additional Costs

You thought we were done squeezing your wallet? Cue evil laugh. Additional costs range from visa fees for employees to sponsorship costs. You can’t forget customs duties if you’re in trading activities involving precious metals. Asian countries and European countries both have double tax treaties with the UAE, so know your trade lanes. Also, don’t ignore the property transfer fee. Even in a tax haven, nothing comes entirely free. Ah, the joys of business ownership.

Case Study: A Real-life Example

Let’s peek at ‘Shiny Things Co.’—a fictional, but let’s say realistic, company. They shelled out AED 120,000 in registration fees and licensing. Yearly operational costs? A whopping AED 200,000. But thanks to Diamond Park’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure, their ROI is glistening brighter than their diamond stock.


Alright, moneybags, it’s time to wrap this up. A business setup in Diamond Park isn’t for the faint of wallet. From company formation to ongoing costs, the road is paved with dirhams, not just dreams. However, if you play your cards right and read the fine print, this tax-free oasis could be your stairway to entrepreneurial heaven—or at least a well-furnished penthouse office. So go ahead, roll those dice; Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is calling. Are you game?


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