Ajman Media City Free Zone License Types for Company Formation

Diverse licenses for your company's formation journey.

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Discover the seamless company formation experience offered by Ajman Media City, nestled within the vibrant Ajman Free Zone. With a plethora of license types available, entrepreneurs can unleash their creativity and explore diverse business categories. From trading licenses to permanent desk spaces, Ajman Media City provides flexible options to suit every business requirement.

Enjoy the convenience of a business center and expedited processes, ensuring a hassle-free setup. With streamlined procedures and limited time required, entrepreneurs can swiftly obtain residence visas and trading licenses. Dive into the world of opportunity with Ajman Media City, where your business dreams can flourish amidst a supportive and dynamic ecosystem.

So you want to get up close and personal with the Ajman Media City Free Zone license types, huh? Look no further. Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) is not your run-of-the-mill Free Zone; it’s the economic hotbed of the UAE. Understand these license types with this guide from FZBuddy.

Background of Ajman Media City Free Zone 

Let’s spill the tea on Ajman Media City. Located in a strategic location, the Free Zone serves as a cornucopia of business opportunities. Imagine a place where you have rapid growth, entrepreneurial ambitions, and a wide range of activities all under one roof. That’s AMCFZ for you. It’s like the United Arab Emirates handed you a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s business factory, and yes, the chocolates are metaphorical tax incentives.

Licensing Basics in AMCFZ 

Licenses in AMCFZ are not the one-size-fits-all clothing items you regret buying online. They’re tailored suits. In the AMCFZ, different types of licenses fit different types of company formation. If you pick the wrong one, your business activities could end up like jeans in a hot dryer—shrunken and misshaped. Your license is your business’ ID card; it determines your business type, the range of activities you can conduct, and even the visa process you’ll wade through. So, let’s get you licensed and dangerous.

Commercial License 

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Roll up your sleeves, future business moguls! The Commercial License is your bread and butter if you’re aiming to engage in buying, selling, trade—basically, anything that screams “capitalism at its finest.” Ideal for trading business and commercial activities, this license has all the bells and whistles: flexibility in foreign ownership, a standing certificate proving you’re not a fly-by-night operation, and even options for the repatriation of capital. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of licenses but without the pointless corkscrew. Fill out your application form, chalk out a business plan, and get ready for the official letter and stamping formalities.

If you’re concerned about costs, take a chill pill. The Commercial License is bundled in various business packages that are as affordable as your grandma’s early-bird dinner. The application process is no Hogwarts letter, but it’s a magic ticket to doing business in one of the Middle East’s high-energy environments.

Service License 

Step right up, consultants, accountants, and wizards of “service activities.” A Service License in Ajman Media City Free Zone has your name written all over it. Or at least, it will, once you complete the application form, pay the license fees, and pop the champagne. No, the last one’s not mandatory, but let’s keep things festive, shall we?

The deal with a Service License is simple: it’s for companies that provide, you guessed it, services. We’re talking about business consultancy, consultancy services, professional services, and whatnot. Don’t worry; they also have affordable packages. You get to have a standing certificate, proof of share capital, and other bureaucratic knick-knacks that make you look like a corporate entity.

Feel like a foreign company? You can have foreign ownership with this license and live the expat dream. Submit the immigration application form, and you’re in. And let’s be real: We all want a professional environment with no personal income tax. Yes, that’s a thing in Ajman Media City Freezone.

Media License

Before you even ask, yes, a Media License has everything to do with media-related activities. From event management to PR to having an excuse for endlessly scrolling through Twitter—this license has you covered. It’s not just about making movies or taking artsy black-and-white background photos for your indie magazine.

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Alright, you aspiring Spielbergs and Oprahs, this is your golden ticket to the media realm. You can operate in a strategic location with a high market presence. The license package is like a custom-tailored suit, a blend of business packages and flexible processes that make you feel more Bond than businessman.

E-commerce License 

Get ready to give Jeff Bezos a run for his money. An E-commerce License in the Ajman Media City Free Zone is your all-access pass to the online trading arena. The application process is more straightforward than your last relationship. Tick some boxes, flaunt your business plan, and bam!—you’re in the e-comm game.

You’re not confined to the dusty plains of legal activities; you have a wide range of commercial activities at your disposal. With an e-commerce license, you can even rope in potential investors. Just ensure you’ve got an official letter and all your original documents in place. Yes, even that random educational certificate from your respective country.

Offshore License 

Alright, introverts and secretive tycoons, an Offshore License is your hermit kingdom in Ajman Media City. Unlike its onshore cousins, this baby doesn’t require a physical presence. Yes, you read it right. You can live on a boat in the Maldives and still run an empire.

This license gives you foreign ownership, proof of share capital, and the freedom to take your repatriation of capital to unheard-of heights. But beware, getting an offshore license isn’t as easy as grabbing a tenancy contract. You’re going to need a reference letter from a corporate bank. So, keep your finances cleaner than your white background desktops.

Key Considerations in License Selection 

Alright, sit down, pay attention. The Ajman Media City Free Zone is not a one-size-fits-all amusement park for business owners. Selecting the right type of license for your business activities is not a game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

Firstly, there’s your business plan. A pipe dream scribbled on a bar napkin won’t cut it. No siree! You need a detailed roadmap; you get me? This will help you zero in on your business type, whether that’s trade, service activities, or professional services. Ajman Media City Freezone provides a strategic location to achieve rapid growth; use it.

Secondly, consider your capital—yes, money talks. Some licenses require minimum share capital; others want a proof of share capital. Calculate the extra cost, including the license cost and any standing certificate fees.

Think about visa eligibility. Do you need an executive office space for a team, or are you a lone wolf? Check your visa process and remember that different types of licenses give you different options for dependent visas. Also, don’t forget about Emirates ID and the visa stamping hoopla. Got it?

How long do you need your license? Six months? More? Factor in the month’s validity of your chosen license type. Also, pay attention to your need for a permanent office. Larger office space may have longer-term contracts. Consider your presence of clients when choosing office packages.

Don’t overlook your business operations. For online trading, an E-commerce License is your jam. If you’re into courier activities or event management, focus on that specific license type. A mismatch here could stall your entrepreneurial ambitions faster than a bear in molasses.

Lastly, the type of company formation. Want full ownership? Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the way. Want to be a branch of a parent or mother company? There’s a license for that, too. Whatever the choice, ensure your articles of association are in order.


Congratulations! You’ve survived the labyrinthine journey through the Ajman Media City Free Zone license selection. Now, it’s time to move ahead with the company formation process. Application form? Check. Business setup services? Done. Proof of share capital? Sealed, signed, delivered.

Here’s a tip: Use the quick registration process to your advantage. Ajman Media City offers flexible processes to accelerate your business setup process, and they aren’t paying me to say that. It’s a fact!


You can’t just dive into the deep end without knowing how to swim, and you can’t establish a successful business in Ajman Free Zone without the appropriate business license.

Your next step? Get those color passport size photos and original documents ready. File your immigration application form. Take the bold steps needed for your commercial registration and ensure responsible management of your business. Consult a company formation expert if needed; don’t just trust Uncle Bob who’s been to Dubai once.

When it comes to setting up shop in the United Arab Emirates, especially in free zones like Ajman, the rule is simple: Know your options and use them wisely. It’s like dating. You’ve got to know what you’re looking for to find the perfect match. So, whether you’re setting up a business consultancy firm or taking over the Middle East’s media landscape, Ajman Media City Freezone is the playground for all your business dreams.

Remember, in this Middle East business jungle, only the well-licensed survive. Select wisely, future tycoons of Ajman. Now go get that tenancy contract and start ticking boxes. Don’t just stand there; time’s ticking!


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