Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Cost-effective company formation and renewal at ADAFZ.

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So you’re considering setting up a business in the UAE? Look no further than the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone. This article will delve into the nitty-gritty of the Cost to Form & Renew a Tax-Free Company in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone and what it takes to form and renew a tax-free company in this bustling business hub in this guide by fzbuddy.

Overview of Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is a dynamic business center situated near the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It offers a Wide Range of Business Activities, from trading to services, making it a versatile choice for Business Setups. Managed by the Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority, this free zone is a hotspot for Foreign Investment and International Trade.

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Benefits of Tax-Free Companies in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

  • Tax Exemptions: Say goodbye to Corporate Taxes and Income Tax.
  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Unlike Mainland Companies, you can have complete control over your business.
  • Repatriation of Capital: You can easily move your profits out of the UAE.
  • No Customs Duties: Import and export without any Custom Duties or Import Duties.

Cost to Form a Tax-Free Company in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

Starting a business in the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ) can be an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of this unique region’s many benefits. However, there are several costs involved when starting and renewing a company in the zone.

  • Initial Approval Fee: This is the first step in the Registration Process.
  • License Fee: Depending on the Type of License you need, this can vary.
  • Share Capital Requirements: You’ll need a Minimum Share Capital to get started.

Types of Companies and Licenses Available

  • Free-Zone Companies: Ideal for Foreign Company owners.
  • Branch Offices: For Parent Companies looking to expand.
  • Service License: For service-oriented Business Activities.
  • Trading License: If your Trading Activity involves buying and selling goods.

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Minimum Share Capital Required

The Minimum Share Capital varies depending on the Type of Company you’re setting up. For instance, a Limited Liability Company may require a different share capital compared to Offshore companies.

Corporate Bank Account Requirements

You’ll need to provide Bank Statements and sometimes even a Business Plan to open a Corporate Bank account. Make sure you have all the Additional Documents needed for this process.

Fee Structure for Formation & Renewal of Companies

  • Company Registration: A one-time fee for registering your company.
  • Annual License Renewal: Keep your Business License active by paying this fee every year.
  • Company Renewal: This involves a separate fee and sometimes requires Company Amendments.

Other Costs Involved (Legal, Accounting, etc)

  • Legal Entity Fees: These are mandatory and depend on your Corporate Structure.
  • Accounting Fees: You’ll need to maintain Financial Statements, and this comes at a cost.
  • Audit Report Fees: Some Types of Business Licenses require an annual audit.

Repatriation of Capital from a Tax-Free Company in Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

You can repatriate capital easily, but there are Rules & Regulations Governing Foreign Investment and Repatriation of Capital. Make sure you’re compliant to avoid Penalties for Non-Compliance with the Laws and Regulations Governing Capital Repatriation.

Steps Involved in the Repatriation Process

  1. Initial Approval: Obtain approval from Relevant Government Authorities.
  2. Documentation: Ensure all Corporate Documents are in order.
  3. Bank Process: Coordinate with your Corporate Bank to facilitate the transfer.


The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone offers a plethora of opportunities for Business Growth. From Tax Exemptions to 100% Foreign Ownership, the benefits are endless. However, understanding the abu-dhabi-airport-free-zone-cost is crucial for a successful Business Setup. Always consult with a Business Setup Consultant to navigate the complexities of Company Formation and Company Renewal in this lucrative free zone.

If you’re seeking further information or a more comprehensive understanding, we highly recommend visiting theAbu Dhabi Airport Free Zone.


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